Explains What to Know About Graduation Announcements 2022 Explains What to Know About Graduation Announcements 2022

After completing 13 years of school, graduation is a momentous event. It should be celebrated by friends and family alike. There are lots of things a student needs to know about his graduation announcements in 2022. Read on to find out more.

Where to Get It

Many high schools offer graduation announcements through a company that specializes in manufacturing memorabilia, such as Jostens. These companies allow a student to go onto their website, enter their high school and graduation date, and then chose the graduation announcement for their school. Students can order the number of announcements they need and also order several add-ons to personalize their announcements.


In addition to an official high school graduation announcement, according to, students can also order a more personalized card that can feature the student’s photo and show his or her interests and activities. For example, a student may want to include pictures of athletics that they participate in, a photo of them with an instrument that they play, or even a photo with their family or a cherished pet. The options are endless and allow students to send personalized announcements to family members and friends.

How to Address and Mail Announcements

When Hanover Schools announces 2022 graduation plans, students will order announcements. It is acceptable to mail announcements anywhere from two weeks before and two weeks after the graduation ceremony. When announcements arrive for the student, two different types of envelopes are provided. The outside envelope is for mailing. It is larger than the second envelope and has adhesive on the flap. The smaller, inside envelope is used to put the announcement directly into. There is no adhesive on this envelope. Sometimes, announcements will come with tissue paper that is to be inserted directly in front of the announcement.

Place the announcement into the inside envelope. Use informal names on the front of this inside envelope, such as “Uncle Tom and Aunt Jane,” or “Grandma.” Close this envelope and place it in the outer envelope with the folded edge inserted first and the front of the announcement facing the flap. If the student has an open house invitation, place it in the same envelope next to the announcement. When addressing the outer envelope, use a black or blue pen. Writing in the best possible handwriting, write names and addresses out formally. Do not use abbreviations. 

Make sure to write the return address in the upper left-hand corner of the announcement. Another option is to use a personalized address label. This step is important because recipients need to know where to send gifts if they so choose. Another option is to have a sticker or seal that is personalized with a school emblem. This will be placed over the adhesive flap once it is glued down. 

If a gift is received, it is extremely important to send “thank you” cards as soon as possible. 

High school graduation is an event to remember and celebrate. Be sure to order graduation announcements so that others can celebrate with the graduate.

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