Promotes How To Design the Perfect Promotional Banner Promotes How To Design the Perfect Promotional Banner

Printed banners offer an effective means of informing the public about new businesses or products, sales, promotions, and other essential events, and they do all of that for less than it costs to create most other types of advertisements. Designing a banner can be a bit of a challenge, though, since most people aren’t used to working with such large formats. Before sending a design in for custom printing, read on to find some tips for how to get everything just right.

Remember That Less Is More

Because printed banners are so large, business owners often want to fit as much information on them as possible, but according to, that’s a mistake. Banners aren’t meant to convey 100% of the available information about an upcoming promotion or event. They’re supposed to catch the eyes of passersby and create interest, then encourage consumers to follow up. The most effective banners aren’t the ones with the most information. They usually feature simple, bold, and eye-catching graphics and designs.

Get the Branding Right

Because the primary purpose of banner design is to Promote Your Business With a Custom Banner, it’s important to get the branding just right. Don’t feel restricted to using only the brand’s colors and fonts, but don’t stray too far from the accepted ways that the company is portrayed, either. Eye-popping colors that stay on-brand combined with a clearly positioned logo near the top of the banner can create a more consistent brand identity and help to ensure that viewers remember it.

Limit Text

Whether the banner will be hung in front of the store in a shopping district or on a fence downtown, it’s important to keep text limited. Including a large amount of text on a banner makes it look too busy, messy, and off-putting. Plus, if the banner is designed primarily to be viewed by drivers, there’s just no way for them to read everything while on the move. Instead of including a lot of text, choose a short, striking message, align it off-center where it’s easiest to read, and complement it with the right graphics. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Choose the Right Printing Company

Just getting every detail of the banner right isn’t enough to wind up with a perfect end product. It’s also important for business owners to find a company like Printivity that offers affordable design and printing services but doesn’t sacrifice quality. Working with a professional printing company that also offers design services is a huge benefit no matter how skilled a company’s graphic designers might be since banner designers have specialized experience and know what works. Business owners can click to investigate printing options in their areas.

Start the Process Early

Designing a custom banner and having it printed takes some time, so don’t put the process off until the last minute. If there’s a sale, promotion, a grand opening coming up, get the design process started now and begin looking into printing companies. It’s much better to get the banner up well in advance than it is to wait until the last moment.

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