Award-winning custom-designed eyelash designers, Wink Bar NYC offers eyelash extension and designs for all eye shapes

Wink Bar helps clients accentuate their beauty with their range of custom-made eyelashes extensions that utilize new techniques of lash application and organic vegan products.

Years of experience and a glaring gap in the market have led to Wink Bar’s cutting-edge offering of unique and custom-designed eyelash extension services. Wink Bar has been on a mission to bring something new and fresh to the lash extensions market, and while people still linger on traditional Russian fan volume extensions, Wink Bar brings to market a new techniques of lash application with award-winning eyelash designs that suit each client’s taste and fit their eye shape.

Wink Bar has been credited with NYC’s best lash extensions being a certified lash design brand. The brand attributes this to its carefully crafted design techniques. The eyelashes are designed as one and only made-to-fit & custom-designed lash extensions. “We design each lash based on client’s eye shapes, styles, vibes. We are lash designers, not lash technicians.” The clear distinction of Wink Bar as designers and not lash technicians means that they create eyelashes, not just distribute or help clients get the lashes on. “We design each lash set customized for you.”

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Russian fan volume style of lash extensions has been trendy on the eyelash market. However, everyone has such varying eye shapes, styles, and overall vibes, which are not all suitable for the traditional style. Noting this opportunity, Wink Bar has positioned itself with a unique technique of lash application to make the lashes curl upward to lift the eye up, instead of old traditional Russian fan lashes that cover half of the eyes.

There hasn’t been a shortage of memes around extravagant eyelash extensions that don’t appear practical. Wink Bar provides functional and natural-looking eyelash extensions that clients can comfortably use on any occasion. “Long lashes don’t equal a dramatic look. Wink bar’s customized lash design is based on eye shape, and we are aiming to make it fit for each one of you!”

To ensure that their clients are 100% satisfied and boost confidence in their brand, Wink Bar offers a free consultation in which clients get to sit with a designer and get the right eyelash extensions explicitly designed for them. After one side of lash extensions is completed, the lash artist shows it to the client and after the client approves, the other side is designed. “We offer an entire redo if the client is dissatisfied with the results.” 

In addition to their award-winning lash design and 100% satisfaction service, Wink Bar also uses organic vegan glue for the eyelash application that protects all clients from any allergies. It is essential to apply the lashes with care, keeping a safe distance from the eyelid to ensure no damage to the client’s own lashes.

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People can check out Wink Bar’s award-winning custom design lashes on their website and Instagram page, where they share news about new products and the best practices for eyelash extensions. “Here at Wink Bar, we focus on accentuating your own beauty. Each one of our lashes are unique just like each one of you. 

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