Protecting Privacy with LVNV Legal’s ’Invest Anonymous Solution’

Helping investors invest and purchase properties anonymously for their security.

Having the luxury and peace of mind to not worry about money is a truly liberating achievement, especially if the achiever is able to both cover future financial goals and be prepared for all economic emergencies. But anyone in the money-investing world – from financial advisors, to business-people, to real estate investors, and even the crypto community – knows that the more your wealth grows, the more crucial your privacy becomes. With this in mind, LVNV Legal, a premier Las Vegas-based asset, business, and injury law firm, recently kickstarted their innovative legal product called the ‘Invest Anonymous Solution.’

The thing about being in the investing and asset-buying industry is that almost nothing is private. For instance, purchasing properties and forming companies require state registration and public recording, which makes a person’s assets visible to the public eye. The downside for those who have more wealth and success is that they have a lot more to lose, which makes them more susceptible to harassment and becoming the target of scams and frauds.

This is where LVNV Legal takes action. Through their Invest Anonymous Solution, led by Atty. Shoham Segal, Esq., LVNV Legal serves those who are interested in “hiding” their wealth and assets from greedy fraudsters and overzealous litigators. “You may think that your business is private. Unfortunately, it’s not. My most important goal is to make sure that you don’t lose any sleep, time or money dealing with the headaches that come with unwanted exposure and greedy predators,” said Atty. Shoham Segal, Esq.

The goal at is simple — help investors invest and purchase properties anonymously in order to protect their privacy so they can avoid harassment, frauds, and frivolous lawsuits. It’s a safe approach that doesn’t compromise any deal or transaction since LVNV Legal is in charge of the process. Invest Anonymous is the result of LVNV Legal’s commitment to protect and exceed the rights and expectations of their clients.

While they already go above and beyond the ask with their experience, knowledge, and zealous advocacy, LVNV Legal are also continuously innovating their legal products to better suit the needs of their current and future clients. Join investors who have decided to invest anonymously and enjoy the peace of mind it brings. Know more about LVNV Legal’s Invest Anonymous Solution by visiting

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