Lucia Matuonto Talks About Greener Living In New Children’s Book – Out of The Box

Bestselling author and children’s physiotherapist, Lucia Matuonto, releases her new book titled Out of The Box – A New World, where she teaches readers the importance of greener living

Lucia Matuonto recently released Out of The Box – A New World, a fun and engaging children’s book about discovering new places, friendship, and exploring the world. Published by Relatable Media LLC, the book aims to spread the awareness about greener living, with the goal of “catching them young” to teach kids its importance and the possibility of making a change.

There has been increasing calls for people across the globe to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle and save the planet for future generations. Over the years, several initiatives have emerged to promote the cause and the efforts seem to be yielding some results, with a PwC’s June 2021 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey revealing that half of all global consumers surveyed say they have become even more eco-friendly. However, more needs to be done, especially in educating kids about green living, particularly as most initiatives are targeted towards adults. Consequently, Lucia Matuonto seeks to change this narrative by releasing Out of The Box – A New World.

Out of The Box – A New World is set in Grey City, a city surrounded by walls with no trees, but full of factories, smog and dirt. The book chronicles how the siblings, Noah and Mila who have lived their whole life in Grey City, discovered a whole new world after their dog escapes to the other side of the city. The adventures of the brother and sister in the newly discovered Green Town will allow children to connect with the environment and see the beauty in building a world where people breathe clean air and live in a green, sustainable environment free of pollution.

Out of The Box – A New World is currently available on Amazon for readers across the globe.

About Lucia Matuonto

Lucia Matuonto is a bestselling author, host at The Relatable Voice Podcast and Uncut with Lucia by and children’s physiotherapist. Born in Brazil, Lucia studied and lived in 6 countries, teaching and treating children with motor and cognitive disabilities. The children she met inspired her to create an imaginary world, full of animals and fantasy. By observing the beach fauna in Florida, Lucia developed her characters, who are now present in many children’s lives

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