Amazon Author Integrates the Unique Art Of Fencing Into His Books To Educate Readers

Robert Hotchkiss creatively infuses the beautiful art of fencing into his writings

Amazon author, Robert Hotchkiss, is thrilled to announce how he creatively integrates much of the beautiful art of fencing he has come to embrace into his writings. Although powerful in showing the strength of warriors, the little-known art of fencing is still on the walkthrough and obscure to the vast majority of people. In an attempt to enthusiastically support the art of theatre fencing, the author does his best possible to ensure that the public comes to a great understanding of how well-performed theatre fencing can result in greater visual impact.

Born the youngest of four children in Pueblo, Colorado, Robert Hotchkiss was first introduced to the art of fencing after he was being cast in the role of Tybalt in a high school production of Romeo and Juliet, a Shakespearean classic production. Having an unparalleled passion for fencing, he participated in numerous fencing competitions, announcing his forte on global stages.

Taking his career a little further, he became a member of the American Fencing Coaches Association, whom he represented in the 1994 Goodwill Games in Saint Petersburg, Russia. While transitioning into different stages of his career, he was honored to participate in a Fencing Demonstration in Russia before an audience of over 100,000 – he regarded this moment as one of the most memorable and exciting moments of his life. Following this participation, Hotchkiss was honored to receive the title of Moniteur D’Escrime.

Even after establishing the Sierra Fencing Club in El Dorado County, California, to raise young talents and make them masters of the art, he never stopped writing. With keen attention to details and descriptions, he wrote and published the Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice: The First Book of The Shalrodan, The Summoning: The Second Book of The Shalrodan Saga, and Heir to Three Thrones: The Third Book of The Shalrodan Saga. All his published books are available for purchase on Amazon.

“In Hotchkiss’ writing, he strives to strike a balance between the great attention to detail and descriptive passages of J.R.R. Tolkien and the exciting action segments of Edgar Rice Burroughs, particularly the “John Carter of Mars” series, one of his personal favorites. He also strives to integrate as much of his love of fencing as possible, in an attempt to support this little-known art enthusiastically, and educate the general public regarding the same,” said Robert Hotchkiss’ spokesperson.

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