Sanatio: A Solana Validator Introducing Green Energy to the Solana Blockchain

The blockchain company Sanatio has just launched their validator, bringing green energy to the Solana blockchain.

Blockchain technologies have seen massive capital inflows as investors seek out digital assets to shield against inflation. Further increased rates of adoption—with projects like Solana Pay, or BTC becoming legal tender in El Salvador—have given investors and consumers the ability to pay using digital assets. 

The growing adoption and demand for digital assets is resulting in a need for reliable validators which can process transactions and keep blockchains censorship-resistant. Validators (other than miners, who operate in proof of work) process blockchain transactions according to their relative weight in stake. Therefore, more trusted validators are tasked with processing a larger proportion of transactions, and this ‘ladder’ system creates a huge demand for reliable validators to further decentralize the network and improve its censorship resistance. 

Sanatio aims to fill this gap by providing a geographically decentralized validator in the Central and Eastern European economic zone (CEE). Furthermore, Sanatio relies exclusively on renewable energy sources, and has even switched from batteries to rotating mass, or flywheel energy storage (FES), as backup energy storage. The result of this has been to reduce the carbon footprint of the Solana blockchain to unprecedentedly low levels: A Solana transaction uses even less power than a google search.

Sanatio is confident in bringing the most decentralized, reliable, and green solution for their investors—and for all individuals transacting on the Solana chain. These are the three core values by which Sanatio operates. 

Investors looking to place a stake with Sanatio can expect a return of 6.8% p.a., with a lockup of funds lasting no longer than three days. This creates a unique opportunity to gain blockchain exposure with stable returns, while adhering to SRI investment standards. Looking forward, Sanatio has promised all investors that their rates of commission will remain at 0% for the entire year, meaning Sanatio can offer one of the highest returns on the Solana chain.

According to Lukas Mühlfriedel, the founder of Sanatio, the commission is also likely to remain at 0% through 2023, due to the large inflow of capital expected. Updates on any planned commission changes for 2023 will be announced on their website within the next quarter.

For more information, users can visit the official website here, and to stay updated with further announcements and news, users can follow Sanatio on Twitter.

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