On|Off Presents Rising Stars In Fashion And Music Technology At LFW 2022: A Different Speaker Collab From Jack Irving X Rubyoung

On|Off Presents Rising Stars In Fashion And Music Technology At LFW 2022: A Different Speaker Collab From Jack Irving X Rubyoung
Featuring the designer’s signature thorns print

London Fashion Week 2022 is back with a bang, with a hybrid digital-physical schedule incorporating catwalk shows, presentations, and events throughout London, with over 100 designer brands joining forces. This year’s hybrid schedule has no doubt given more exciting opportunities for brands to take part in this grandeur fashion celebration. Especially with ON|OFF celebrating its twentieth year, a cross-universe fashion showcase with Jack Irving will take place both digitally and physically with exciting brand collaborations. 

Jack Irving, a London-based production and costume designer, has risen to fame with his bespoken fashion pieces designed for Lady Gaga, amongst the most famous is the Sea Urchin Showgirl inflatable garment she wore in Paris on the closing night of her artRAVE: The Artpop Ball World Tour. Jack’s objective is to immerse the world in the greatest imaginative spectacle possible, encompassing all elements of theatricality and a passion for fusing technology and live performance. This vision has been brought to attention by a rising international brand called Rubyoung, which desires to ride the wave with boundary-crossing ideas and visions.


Rubyoung, a premium HiFi Bluetooth Speaker brand, has grabbed the forwarding wheels in the fast-changing fashion world by commissioning the avant-garde designer Jack Irving to create a one-of-a-kind speaker with his signature thorn-like design. The brand harnesses the power of creative design and artistic expression of contemporary lifestyle, redefining high fidelity Bluetooth speakers with its groundbreaking Current Mode Amplification technology for an exquisite sound delivery and a special patented fabrication technology that allows arts to be printed on the speaker. Rubyoung aims to further its mission in fusing the worlds of art and music together by bringing such cross-fielded collaborations to life, to highlight its brand vision that is to inspire life with sound and color.

Jack’s signature spiky thorn design will be featured on Rubyoung’s speaker, representing an explosive alien musical energy brought to the speaker itself, fusing two worlds into one that’s weaving interactive art, sound and technology together. The concept will also highlight Irving and Rubyoung’s latest foray into the NFT-world, with a series of collective NFT designs to be dropped in the coming seasons.

The future is here.

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