Explains How to Write Job Postings That Attract Passive Candidates Explains How to Write Job Postings That Attract Passive Candidates

Today’s job market seems to favor the job seeker rather than the employer, so writing a compelling job listing is crucial to finding a good candidate. Sifting through resumes can take up searching for additional hints that indicate a person’s qualifications can take up a lot of time. Using the following information, employers can cut down on how much time they spend creating job listings and improve the chances of finding their perfect candidate fast. 

What is a Job Posting?

Job postings are a recruitment tool used by employers that advertise open positions at their company. Job postings should be carefully worded to attract qualified candidates to the position while getting them excited about the opportunity to join a company. Check out the tips below for more tips on how to create stellar job listings. 

Answer the Right Questions

Job seekers are usually looking for specific information when they start their hunt for a new job. However, passive candidates, such as those described in the article The sought-after passive candidate, can be won over by recruiters who are prepared with the right information. Before listing a job, internally try to answer questions like: What needs to be created for this position and why is it open?

  • What is the ideal candidate?

  • How does this position fit in with other company roles?

  • What does success look like in this role?

  • What is the compensation package for this position?

  • Are there growth opportunities in this position?

  • What skills are needed for this role?

Perform a Job Analysis

The first step in writing a good job posting is to perform a job analysis. To do this, employers need to research the compensation structure for the position and compare it to other similar positions on the market. Employers should also review the job listings of competitors to see what makes the listing stand out and what the employer could do better.

Keep the Job Posting Short

All candidates, especially passive candidates, are short on time and attention. To keep them engaged, it is best to make the description in the job posting as concise as possible. The optimal length for a job listing is between 300 and 700 words according to, so make sure to fit in all of the relevant information within that limitation. 

Clarity is Key

Job seekers are usually focused on a few key factors in their searches, such as compensation, schedule, and job requirements. Avoid using tired phrases like “top-notch” or “superstar” when describing the ideal candidate. Do not over inflate the job listing to make it seem more impressive than it is, as job seekers will quickly move on. 

Where to Post a Job Listing

There are almost as many job boards as there are job openings. Deciding which one to use can be a daunting task, since choosing the best one can be the difference between hundreds of unqualified candidates and finding the perfect person to fill the position. For employers who want to cut down on the time they spend sifting through resumes for the right skill set, companies like EmploySee offer a database of candidate credentials to help narrow down the search. 

The Bottom Line

Finding the best employee for an open position starts with an excellent job posting. Job postings that are well-worded and clear making it easier for recruiters to find the perfect match. Companies can follow the tips above to ensure that their job postings are as successful as possible. 

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