Discusses a Guide to Large Format Printing Discusses a Guide to Large Format Printing

In today’s competitive marketplace, many companies are using large format printing for their branding and advertising initiatives. The upswing has led it to become one of the Key Printing Industry Trends Reflected in 2021 Printing Impressions 300 Ranking of Largest Companies. Rather than investing effort and time in the creation of a small number of posters or banners, one can use a large format print service to make a more powerful impact.

Whether it’s a billboard or an event sign, large format digital printing is at the core of such artwork. These printers enable the fast production of large-scale graphics, combining quality and durability so that marketing messages are conveyed in an eye-catching way. Here, one finds a fantastic read on the basics and benefits of large format digital printing.

How It Works

Large format printers accommodate substrates between 18 and 100 inches long and up to 60 inches wide. Each design element is expanded to a much bigger size than that typically used for direct mailers, brochures, and posters.

According to, large format digital print services are commonly used to create outdoor signs, vehicle wraps, window graphics, and more. Printing surfaces may be anything from vinyl to aluminum, and flatbed printers are preferred. However, roll-to-roll printers are sometimes used.

Large Format Printing: The Benefits

Here are a few ways one’s business can benefit from large format digital printing services.

  • The ability to print in various sizes. With a large format printer, it’s possible to print in paper dimensions up to A8-A0 as well as custom sizes.

  • Printing in numerous finishes. Larger printers can accommodate matte, light-fast, and glossy inks, among others.

  • Use on different base materials. A large format printer can use substrates such as cotton, canvas, vinyl, and aluminum.

  • Easier marketing. Ask how this can help one use vibrant, bright colors to make eye-catching signs that get customers’ attention.

Working with a Printing Expert

Although large format printing is a straightforward process, partnering with a signage expert will provide the best results. Here are a few easy tips to get the job started.

  • Discuss one’s requirements. First, clarify the project’s requirements with the provider. This will prevent delays in the creation and delivery of large format artwork. Ask the provider about their equipment, delivery timeframes, and how they’d like to receive the creatives to be printed.

  • Prepare the design for printing. Next, prepare the project files in vector format so they can be increased in size without affecting definition or clarity. Use something like Adobe Illustrator or a similar program to create .ai, .epi, or vector files and use some basic mathematical knowledge to enhance pictures in scale instead of singular resolutions. By utilizing different scales, it’s possible to retain creatives’ quality and resize them to meet a project’s needs. When getting files ready to print, define lines clearly and use uniform colors. Pay close attention to resolution, which is expressed as pixels (PPI) or dots (DPI) per inch. Keep the files’ resolution at the highest possible level.

  • Check all colors. Don’t use RGB (red, green, and blue). Ensure that CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key) hues are the only ones used. The easiest way to do this is to create designs and save them in CMYK format.

At D’Andrea Visual Communications, they are a locally operated and minority-owned business that has served as the area’s preferred provider of commercial signs and large format printing solutions since 2005. It’s our mission to create visually compelling marketing materials that help spread brands’ messages. To find out how our team can bring one’s vision to life and see why they are included in Printing Impressions 300 Ranking of Largest Companies, contact them today.

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