BESTYN APP: Direct Opportunities and Closure with Immediate Communities

Shopping and staying up to date with activities happening in local communities have never been easier. With Bestyn app, customers are able to support local businesses in their community by shopping locally and entering into a local marketplace where thousands of local products and local services are sold. Bestyn also helps them find personalized recommendations for their purchase research, and get the best deal in town, and even find job offers nearby.

The app allows local community residents to share events, updates, news, and security alerts with people nearby in their community. It also provides local recommendations for small businesses to grow and expand by exposing and selling their products and services to thousands of potential local customers. Business owners are also able to get more customers by effectively communicating with them on the app, developing long-term relationships, and building a better community.

One of the features of the app includes a Shop Local, which is a local marketplace where thousands of different local products and local services are displayed and sold in local discount. Locals can get the best deals in town for their favourite products and services, and stay updated with interesting promotions just only on Bestyn. The app also allows customers to leave trusted reviews for local shops and it also customizes personal interests of buyers to quickly find a good match for their needs as well as a bio to let people know who they are. 

Business profiles can be created on the app to allow users to be updated on what’s happening in their neighborhood, and at the same time have a chance to reach beyond it. The business profile can be used to make posts, advertise services, and increase awareness for products. Local residents can now conveniently chat with their neighbors easier and faster, exchange news, and also notify their neighbors about important local events and create group chats to discuss all living matters in no time.

This software links local residents who share a desire for a stronger feeling of a community together. Whether they are looking for the next yard sale, a decent mechanic suggestion, a potluck invitation, a walking partner, or a playdate for their kids, residents can now do it all with the push of a button. 

Bestyn platform is absolutely free and straightforward to sign up for; they keep things simple. With Bestyn app, users will have access to bid, counteroffer, and build contacts with real and direct clients. Neighbors, business owners, and community members may easily connect with one another thanks to Bestyn. Community residents can now begin cultivating long-term relationships with the app.

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