Hood & Healthy Season 2 is coming with in-depth health and wellness therapy – all that remains, is some funding

Organized by TemuAsyr Martin Bey, Hood & Healthy Season 2 will drastically help people in shifting their overall health. Season 2 of this event will include some renowned speakers and mentors who will advise the attendees. Hood & Healthy is looking for funding on gofundme.

USA – In order to help people stay active and lead a healthy life, TemuAsyr Martin Bey, under his company, Asry’s Bridge is starring in the Hood & Healthy Season 2. The event will feature renowned speaker Dr Sheridan Ross, a retired Neurosurgeon who has built gardens in nine schools and twelve community gardens.

The event can not be accomplished without financial independence. That’s why the organizers and producers, TemuAsyr Martin Bey and Be Artform have set up a gofundme for the event. All the financial support will be put into the CGI, cinematography, wardrobe, research, and other equipment needed for the event. Hood and Healthy can be supported at: https://gofund.me/ada01e22

TemuAsyr Martin Bey is confident to bring a new and fresh experience for all the people looking forward to this season. He said: “Hood & Healthy Season 2 will feature a network of farmers, ranchers, community organizers, food producers, chefs, and restaurants. Hood & Healthy Vision is bridging the gap between holistic health, culinary arts, edutainment, books, urban fashion, organic gardening to the overall industry to create a better quality of life for the community.

Being a renowned name in the field of gardening and farming, TemuAsyr has been featured in “Kiss the ground”, where he appeared as a guest speaker to shed light on regenerative gardening. Moreover, he has been featured in LA Times, Audi Los Angeles, NNV news, and Voyage LA, where he shared his expertise and told his life journey.

About TemuAsyr Martin Bey:

TemuAsyr Martin Bey is an established plant-based executive chef, urban farmer, fashion designer, entrepreneur, health coach, and author. Some of his books include Your Taste Buds Are Not Your God, Dedication Catering Cook Book, and Dedication Kids Cook Book. He is also among the Advisory Committee to the California Department of Food & Agricultures Equity Office.

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