Open the Gate to Efficient RNA Research with BOC Sciences’ PseudoUridines

BOC Sciences certainly deserves the honor of the largest pseudoUridine manufacturer since its yearly output has outnumbered any other colleagues, up to 500 kg.

New York, USA – March 2, 2022 – By now many people who haven’t learned about genetics are familiar with mRNA vaccines owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, most of them may be unaware of the hindrance researchers have encountered during the development of mRNA vaccines, especially concerning how to enhance the stability and translational capacity of mRNA while diminishing its immunogenicity.

The world-leading pharmaceutical company Moderna, when developing COVID-19 vaccines, generated a synthetic piece of mRNA with a derivative of pseudouridines which have later been verified to make the vaccines more effective. Following the pressing mRNA vaccine production needs, the pharmaceutical industry then experienced a soaring demand on pseudoUridines. In this case, BOC Sciences works at full capacity and delivers large-scale pseudoUridines to satisfy global needs.

As the exploration of pseudoUridine properties moves forward, scientists find that their application goes beyond vaccine development to involve cancer immunotherapy and other biomedical fields. Owing to the broad prospect, BOC Sciences attaches enormous attention to enriching its pseudoUridine list. Currently, it owns pseudoUridines, modified pseudoUridines, phosphate pseudoUridines, etc.

Although BOC Sciences’ different types of pseudoUridine products have various structures, their functions in RNA therapy are much the same. For instance, pseudoUridine 5′-triphosphate (ΨTP) and 1-methylpseudoUridine are both helpful to enhance mRNA translation efficiency. However, professionals of BOC Sciences have also noticed that, for mRNA modification, successful molecular biology applications depend heavily on the quality and purity of pseudoUridines. Therefore, BOC Sciences always complies with GMP production to assure customers of pseudoUridines with high-level purity.

At the special moment when the whole pharmaceutical industry is faced with both challenges and opportunities, BOC Sciences decides to show up at TIDES USA 2022: Oligonucleotide & Peptide Therapeutics Conference, in the hopes of deepening communication with scholars, drug manufacturers, and colleagues. “Welcome to visit our booth #233 and have a close conversation with our multi-disciplined experts. We are willing to share our breakthroughs in oligonucleotide development including pseudoUridine and phosphoramidite,” one of the representatives from BOC Sciences warmly invites other customers.

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BOC Sciences has been engaged in RNA-related research and development for years. It produces guaranteed pseudoUridines and derivatives for both academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies. It also plays a crucial role in the global combat against COVID-19, especially supporting the creation of efficient mRNA vaccines.

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