Samebike Folding Electric Bike: Foldable Bicycle with Long-Range Battery

Samebike Folding Electric Bike: Foldable Bicycle with Long-Range Battery
Folding electric bikes for sale: lightweight frame, quick folding and easily store into any vehicle. 20″ and 26″ folding e bikes for women and men.Equipped with a powerful brushless high-speed motor and 18650 car battery, it gets you anywhere in style and speed: commuting to work, heading to the gym, cruising to the coffee shop,take a beating in the mountains… One Bike Can Do it All!
A folding bicycle is a bicycle that is designed to be folded into a compact form that allows for easy transportation and stored in a small space.

Samebike, a leading electric bicycle from China, launches multiple types of folding electric bike that make the daily activity more efficient and perfect for commuting. A Samebike representative explained, “Samebike folding e-bikes are perfect for anyone. Women and men will have fun and enjoy riding our electric bikes. Our folding bicycles are available in a variety of stylish colors and models. Thus, buyers can choose their bicycles according to their tastes and needs. Samebike folding bicycles are available at all Samebike distributors in 35 countries around the world and ready to be shipped to worldwide destinations.”

There are several reasons cyclists choose folding bikes over regular bicycles. A folding bike is foldable and can be folded into a compact form. Moreover, it needs less space and allows easy transport. People can carry folding bikes in the trunk of their cars or take them when traveling on the commuter line. In addition, converting gasoline-powered vehicles into folding ebike helps reduce air pollution generated from fossil fuels. As a result, the air becomes healthier and better for environmental sustainability.

Samebike folding electric bikes have various types. They are folding mountain ebikes, folding fat tire ebikes, folding mini ebikes, and more. Each bicycle has a 500W high-speed motor and a powerful 48v 10Ah lithium battery that can cover 30-60 miles per charge. The Samebike folding electric bikes are designed with a 500W brushless motor with a max speed of 25-35 km/h and can be ridden at 20 degrees uphill. Moreover, Samebike folding electric is equipped with seven-level pedal assists that are easy to operate. Samebike electric bicycle is made from high-quality aluminum alloy in its frame and is equipped with an LCD + USB charging port. The LCD shows essential ride metrics such as speed, battery capacity, pedal assist level, distance traveled, and more. The tire system and shock absorbers are able to absorb the harshest terrain and provide comfortable rides on all surfaces and terrain.

About Samebike

Samebike has been in the electric bicycle business for more than 16 years since its founding  in 2004. The company strives to stand out from its competitors with high-quality products and top-level customer services. Samebike products are available for customers in 35 countries worldwide. The company has warehouses in the EU, USA, and Canada.

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