Fukuroda Foods Company launches new product designed for smooth body cleaning

Fukuroda Foods Company has now ventured into the production and development of products designed for body care with a multi-purpose product designed for cleaning the body and face. 

In the recent past, the company has been on a campaign to increase its product portfolio in their Amazon listing in a bid to increase visibility for upcoming brands. 

This is in line with the goal of exporting original brands made of authentic materials in a bid to showcase what Japan has to offer on the international market. 

In its latest venture, the Japan-based company has launched konjac sponge designed with easy fabric for gentle cleaning of the body and face. 

According to the company, the konjac sponge was an idea which came about after a thorough market research exercise that was carried out by the company’s elite marketing team. 

The sponge comes in a soft and smooth touch making it easy to use when washing different parts of the body as it can be squeezed into any shape. 

Besides, it can be used for general family use especially for younger children who need a smooth cleaning material that does not harm their body parts. 

Most importantly, the konjac sponge is made from Japanese natural materials. As a manufacturer of edible konjacs, the company chose to use Japanese natural konjac flour. This is a safe and reliable konjac sponge made from the same raw materials that humans eat.  

The ingredients in konjac gently remove dirt and old keratin from the skin without any soap. Slide it onto the skin without rubbing. It is 100% plant-based sponge, additive-free, and can be used for all skin types.

However, it cannot be used in a dry state. It softens when soaked in warm water. After use, one is advised to wash it well, wring out the water lightly, and store it in a container away from a high temperature and high humidity place, or keep it in a container filled with water. 

The konjac sponge is currently available in the Japanese market and stores at an affordable price. 

For international orders, customers are advised to visit the Global Brand website to place their orders. 

Konjac Vegan Sponge

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