Product Uplevel and Product Alliance launch exclusive partnership

Product Uplevel and Product Alliance launch exclusive partnership
Respected professional development program for product managers inks deal with fast-growing PM career advancement platform

SEATTLE – Product Uplevel, the well-known skill development platform for practicing product managers, today announced an official partnership with Product Alliance, a swiftly-expanding interview preparation platform for technology professionals. As part of the two-way agreement, Product Uplevel’s students — who hail from companies including Google, Apple, Stripe, Spotify, and Twitter — will earn unlimited, lifetime access to Product Alliance’s nine courses, and Product Alliance members will get a heavy discount on Product Uplevel’s intensive seven-week course.

“This partnership is exciting news in the PM space and a natural fit. Product Alliance is a leading platform to help candidates land their dream product management jobs, and Uplevel has long been helping current PMs scale up their skills and impact so they can reach GPM [Group Product Manager], VP, and above. Together, they’re a one-two punch for turning mere product managers into well-rounded product leaders,” said Product Uplevel’s head of content in a statement.

Product Alliance offers a comprehensive set of tools for current and aspiring product managers to “fast-forward [their] product career” and “land [their] dream product jobs.” The platform includes nine comprehensive courses for PM interviewees; expert coaching for job hunting; strategic deep-dive videos that break down tech titans’ 5- and 10-year product roadmaps; over 1300 practice interview questions, with many featuring worked solutions by a team of carefully-vetted instructors; playbooks for handling 17 types of product management interview questions; and more. The instructors have previously taught content from the course at MIT, Columbia, Cornell, and Duke, along with keynotes at the Product Management Festival and Grace Hopper Conference.

Product Alliance’s customers include current Senior PMs and Directors of Product, who credit the courses with their high-paying new roles. Other customers featured on the Product Alliance website have grown their total compensation (TC) by up to 220% at new, higher-leveled jobs.

Product Uplevel’s stated mission is to help practicing product managers “scale-up [their] product career exponentially” with lessons from “word-class product leaders,” including a Corporate Vice President at Microsoft; Directors of Product at Amazon and LinkedIn; a unicorn startup’s Chief Product Officer; and the 3-time bestselling authors of Swipe to Unlock and Product Management’s Sacred Seven. The intensive, seven-week course — pitched as an alternative to “overpriced” MBAs — includes applied lessons on sticky product design; designing for billion-user scale; growth-hacking with the “looping funnel” model; metrics and experiment design; and more. The course is also noted for its 81 case studies featuring star companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, Coinbase, Tesla, and TikTok.

Product Alliance’s head of product added, “We’ve always looked to Product Uplevel as an industry leader on how current PMs can develop new hard skills. Their famed case study model highlights the growth stories of real startups like Stripe, Airbnb, and Robinhood, and it’s a unique method for teaching students the practical skills, not just the theory, to replicate that runaway success. We’re honored to have the opportunity to partner with such a well-respected name.”

The terms of the partnership are reportedly still being finalized between the two teams, but at press time it has been announced that Product Uplevel students will get access to Product Alliance for free. Product Alliance members will also be able to enroll in Product Uplevel at a discounted price. Product Uplevel has indicated that it will not sign any other deals with other PM interview preparation platforms as long as the arrangement with Product Alliance is in force, which can be seen as a major win for Product Alliance.

The move caps off a flurry of expansion activity on Product Alliance’s part. The company has tripled the size of its available course catalog in the last year, chiefly through the launch of its Flagship PM Interview Courses for Google, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Uber. Each of these courses was created in conjunction with dozens of product managers from the respective companies.

In a statement, Product Alliance’s marketing chief added, “It’s an exciting time at Product Alliance. Multiple thousands of students have used our courses to fast-forward their PM careers, and this partnership with Product Uplevel will only expand our scope. We’re excited to continue growing our customer base and developing our mission to make sought-after product management jobs more accessible to people around the world.”

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