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If you’re in the crypto space, then there’s a good chance that you have heard of Filthy Rich Pups DAO. Filthy Rich Pups is a crypto community of entrepreneurs, investors and Defi enthusiast coming together to form a DAO that shares knowledge, vet opportunities and then share revenue accrued from those opportunities with the community.

The ecosystem of the Filthy Rich Pups community is built around its NFT and its $FRP utility token. Having its own utility token ensures it’s easier to measure growth of the community directly from the price of the utility tokens in the decentralized market.

The NFT which is a digital art in the form of a richly dressed Shiba pup acts as a passport which identifies an individual as being part of the DAO community. Asides being used as a passport, the NFT is also used to determine the rewards which will be received by each member of the community, individuals holding more NFTs get all the rewards allocated to each of the NFTs they held. In addition, the NFT stands as a lottery ticket entry into the weekly pool hosted by the community.

The $FRP utility token which currently is listed on the Raydium Defi Platform is used by the community for its airdrops and rewards payment. The token’s current supply is at 1billion tokens with each token going for 0.0002 USDC. The tokens can also be freely used to transfer value between wallets.

The community, the first of its kind on the Solana network, operates in a simple logical manner. First a member of the community would need to share an idea or opportunity they came across with the community, the community as a DAO then researches to learn more about this opportunity. At a chosen date the DAO convenes to share what they have learned, educate each other about vague concepts and ideas that the opportunity may be shrouded with and with this new understanding decide if the rewards of that opportunity outweighs the risks. If passed, the community treasury is then used to fund such investment opportunities after which the rewards are evenly distributed to all NFTs.

There are several advantages this model has such as; the community learning about opportunities early on, many members researching and sharing findings with the community, community educating each other about vague and difficult to understand concepts, community weighing risks and rewards eliminating individual bias, community sharing risks and rewards e.t.c

The DAO while currently based on the Solana network plans to extend its reach to other blockchain networks such as the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum network. This would ensure a broader mix of intellectuals that would benefit the growth of the community.

Asides the rewards from investments earned by every holder of the Filthy Rich Pups NFT, the community also hosts a kind of lossless lottery where a certain percentage for the community treasury is staked in a 3rd party pool and left to earn rewards. A lottery is then held weekly and a random holder or group of holders of the winning NFTs are then paid the accumulated weekly rewards.

What differentiates the Filthy Rich Pups community from similar communities is its flexibility in being able to research and invest in any opportunity it deems profitable. This exposes the community to an up-to-date knowledge about happenings in the crypto space.The community plans to launch the Public Mint of its NFTs via Monke Labs on 12th of March, 2022.

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