Earn passive income in high deflationary eVVo token

eVVo Verse is a new smart blockain based on a tokenomic. Holders profit from passive income, deflationary effect & burning in the smart contract.

The last few weeks have clearly shown the opportunities and risks in the crypto market. First, the sharply falling prices due to the Fed’s interest rate hikes were the topic and only a little later with the Ukraine crisis the opportunity of non-state regulated currency system. The added value of cryptocurrencies is now clear. The ups and downs of cryptocurrencies are now being exploited by eVVo. eVVo Verse has tokenomics built into its smart contract, where holders automatically earn money while they sleep.  So how does this work? Those who buy eVVo Verse pay a one-time tax of 13%. Of this, 3.5% is automatically distributed to all holders. This means that once you are in eVVo, your tokens are constantly increasing. And from these tokens you get the so called Reflection. This means that a massive interest-rate effect takes place.

Another 2% of the tax goes into the liquidity pool. The liquidity pool is blocked and not tradable. This is important for a cryptocurrency so that it is accessible for all holders 24h and so-called rug pulls cannot happen. Furthermore, this 2% tax has the effect that this pool is constantly strengthened. However, since this is locked, 2% tokens are additionally taken out with every trade and are no longer accessible for others. This effect is called deflationary. This has the consequence that the price of eVVo is constantly rising and the earned eVVos gain even more value.

5% goes into the development of eVVo. In a first step, a corporation and real assets are created. This also makes eVVo safe in a bloody crypto market. The profits from this go back into eVVo and are burned. Burned means the eVVo tokens are bought on the market and sent to a dead wallet. Thus, they are no longer accessible and the supply is reduced. The total supply amounts to 2’500’000’000 eVVo, of which more than 500’000’000 have already been burned. New tokens cannot be mined and the contract is denounced.

The remaining 2.5% goes to marketing and events. In the crypto market it is essential to have a strong marketing and to grow the token. Because the more volume, the stronger eVVo rises.

From this tokenomics, eVVo gets a strong market position. With the corporation different projects are realized to improve the benefit of eVVo continuously. Projects are to make eVVo green or a B2B platform in Web 3.0/Metaverse.

eVVo is based in Switzerland. The highest level of security is guaranteed.

For further information, visit the official website evvo.ch (eVVo Verse – Infinite Burning Token – eVVo Verse). To connect, join Telegram t.me/eVVo_Verse (Telegram: Contact @eVVo_Verse) and buy the exclusive token. Also watch the updates on Twitter (eVVo Verse – Infinity Burning Token (@_eVVo_) / Twitter)

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