Chirpley: Reaching to small influencers’ authentic side with ease

Chirpley is a Web-3 based influencer marketplace, enabling end-to-end automated influencing campaigns through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

It’s a cutting-edge new influencer platform using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Blockchain technology that is bound to happen. 

Chirpley has been set up as an automated platform that is exclusively dedicated to nano- and micro-influencers. This is precisely where the future of influencer marketing lies, much more than with the mega-influencers with zillions of followers.

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Authenticity is the new trend

Mega-influencers make a lot of noise compared to small ones, but today, we’re at the point that everyone knows they are just telling you what their multimillion-dollar sponsor contracts prescribe them to tell us. 

This is now getting stale fast. The world is moving into another direction. People are increasingly looking for people they can connect with more than just look at. True influencer marketing is all about credibility, authenticity, and trust. Thus, this is exactly what small influencers bring into the world. 

A few influencers are showing more and more of their authentic self than they did before as they picked up on the shifting interest of consumers in more authentic brands. Consumers are looking for more modesty, honesty, and intimacy when it comes to following brands and influencers, and brands are coming round to the fact that authenticity on social media is fast becoming a necessity to build a digital community.

With Chirpley, brands can easily reach small influencers that could give them the authenticity they need to promote their products. Chirpley connects small influencers to various brands with ease and confidence. 

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Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain technology made this possible. Chirpley has succeeded in combining this cutting-edge technology in a way that so far no other automated platforms have achieved.

Learn more about Chirpley through its official website and get to know more about what it has to offer, the future of Chirpley, and its plans moving forward.











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