NFT Only Exists Because I Met Jesus – Ultra Rare Collection Presented By RISING STAR

A special literary collection explaining to the masses the credibility of the Church Grounds image. The house uses unseen avant-garde methods, short stories, and lots of comedic word play to make light of the current epidemic of low quality digital artists. Each point supported with facts to show consumers how selling the World’s Most Expensive Photograph was attempted to be ruined by a disguised sect of evil and hatred. Another name for the official compilation RISING STAR vs. 666 Supporters.

The project is an extension to the compositional secret presentation “Jesus Showed Me Artists That Use Satanic Bibles For Fans”. The brand first and foremost wants enthusiasts to understand that the photos were crafted and mass advertised when blockchain art was below 0.1% in traffic. The house gained no inspiration from the blockchain market prior to its release and holds no affiliations. RISING STAR was the first brand to offer rewards out of more than 99.9% of the blockchain users and luckily copyrighted these unprecedented features.

All buyers receive free lifetime travel benefits via EarthTravel and Earthling {}

Copyright Notice:

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