The Wholesale Formula review and bonuses: An Insider’s look at Dan Meadors, Dylan Frost in partnership with Jason Fladlien’s flagship program, The Wholesale Formula

The Wholesale Formula is a course that allows people to make profit from Amazon and explores the best model to sell on Amazon in 2022 and beyond.

Taking the first step into a new venture is usually the most challenging step, and the founders of The Wholesale Formula didn’t have it any different. However, they are glad that they took the plunge because their decision to get into Amazon has changed their lives. They are now sharing their experiences, tips, and tricks for success in the space. Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost partnered with Jason Fladlien and the Rapid Crush team to create this winning formula that helps people tap into the Amazon wholesale space. 

In an interview, Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost explained their hardships growing up and how they got into Amazon. Jason Fladlien, their partner on this formula, is a top-level Amazon seller and affiliate marketer. He has amassed millions of dollars in Amazon sales and been at the top of most affiliate contests. Fladlien has also partnered with Wilson Mattos to create Rapid Crush, a company that has launched many Amazon businesses and various programs.

The Wholesale formula teaches the reverse sourcing wholesale system on Amazon. The founders discovered a system that allowed them to fly through the Amazon Wholesale system, amassing a revenue of about $30 million. To introduce their flagship program to the world, Dan and Dylan have a live virtual event, “The Wholesale Formula 2022 Webinar,” where together with Jason Fladlien, they will teach people about this course and how it can help them maneuver wholesaling on Amazon. According to the founders, Amazon is one of the best places to start and grow a business. “During this webinar, you’re going to discover a 3-step formula that helped 960 folks initially sell over $1,057,143,592 on Amazon.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you are a new seller (or want to start selling on Amazon) with ZERO experience or a veteran Amazon seller; the Wholesale Formula is for all levels of sellers.”

Sayed Adel of has recently reviewed the wholesale formula. This formula has helped people build successful businesses on Amazon, ventures that will thrive now and in the future. The Wholesale Formula review notes that “this is gonna be a game-changer for you, so don’t miss it by any means,” and continues to add that “The Wholesale Formula affords people scripts, templates, core training, checklists and pdfs, everything you need to build a profitable Amazon wholesale business.”

There are also the Wholesale Formula Bonuses available on People can secure their bonus spots before they officially launch to ensure they’re first to receive the Wholesale Formula bonuses. The Wholesale Formula has also been applauded for being a safe method because people only sell what they’re sure is already selling; there is no worry about reviews, no need to run ads, keyword searches and ranks, product images, product listing optimization, etc. “All you need to do is agree on a deal with a brand owner, then buy the product in bulk, ship it to Amazon and get your piece of the pie of sales and profits.” Dive deeper and Learn more about the wholesale formula before selling on Amazon to guarantee success.

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