Insure-tech start-up Devout is making waves in the Christian financial community

Insure-tech start-up Devout is making waves in the Christian financial community
Grow America’s Churches
Through its unique digital platform, Devout is bringing a new simpler way for congregants to donate to their Church through life insurance.

Devout offers Congregants a new way to donate to Church. Via its digital platform, Devout offers whole life insurance where Churches are named the beneficiaries and owners of the policy. Churches receive a congregant’s lump sum “legacy benefit” and receive cash value to increase liquidity in the short term.

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Spearheaded by Max Morris, a recent graduate of Georgetown Law, Devout stated mission is to “Grow America’s Churches.” Morris is 4th generation in the insurance business. His family sold New York firm Rampart Insurance Services to a subsidiary of the Carlyle Group in February 2021.

Speaking to the media, Morris said, “I was reading about the difficulties many Churches faced during the pandemic lockdowns. For example, a nearby Church was forced to close. But doing further research, I noticed a New York Times article that stated that religious giving has fallen over 50% since 1990. Then I couldn’t believe that religious attendance was down significantly, which is a terrible and dangerous sign for the country and our families.”

Through life insurance, Devout seeks to provide Churches relief from the reported trends while helping prosperous Churches reach more people. Morris stated that “Devout is not a personal financial decision for Congregants. Our product was designed uniquely to benefit Churches. We feel we have an obligation to secure their importance and stature in America.”

Devout primarily services Churches in the South East, in the area known as the “Bible Belt.” Devout’s goal is to make its product a donative mechanism in every American Church.

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