CyborgShiba, with its many games, is fast gaining popularity among investors and community members alike

CyborgShiba, with its many games, is fast gaining popularity among investors and community members alike
CyborgShiba, investors’ new favorite, is a new token offering many games and making a positive sound in the communities.

CyborgShiba “CBS”, which debuted with FairLaunch on February 8, 2022, quickly became a popular token in the subsequent weeks.

There are play and earn stages in the token, along with the game demos that they publish, setting them apart from the classics.

The adventure of the game character, CyborgShiba, begins in a field with a lightsaber in his hand. However, what the character can do is not limited to this. It can throw things, get on a rocket and fly which many believe looks really cool, and brings many more additional features. Various monsters encountered by the character make the game more fun. 

In addition to all these; a few new games that the team has planned for the future have made investors take notice as a reliable opportunity. Especially because they are locking their liquidity and offers full transparency and ease of use with team wallets, Audits, KYC, an open door for investors for discussion, among other cutting-edge features.

There is a 9% tax with every buy. 3% of this tax is distributed to all holders. An interesting move to increase the number of holders inside, as investors see this as passive income.

Sale tax is different; In the sales tax, which is 12%, there is a 5% distribution, and this distribution proceeds in the same logic as the tokens distributed to the holders, as mentioned about the purchase tax.

They seem to have achieved what many token holders wanted with their initial 20% burn.

Groups with the community are more active and energetic compared to many other token groups. The CBS team always seems to be available to answer questions.

There are continuous advertisements and separate advertisements for many countries. They explain these works for the community. They always get ideas from their community for their advertising work and evaluate them. When there is any development, they immediately share with the community and are in constant communication, giving further confidence to the investors.

Currently, CyborgShiba is actively traded on PancakeSwap and BankCex, and as per their roadmap, they will be available on many exchanges in the future.

Talking to the media, several investors shared their enthusiasm for CyborgShiba:

“One of the most amazing tokens to come out, it is impossible not to be surprised by the possibilities it provides.” – Ryan Joseph

“A token, which I see as a passive income source, is also reliable, so there is no question mark in my mind.” – Sarah Leigh

“It was the games that caught my attention the most, but the other possibilities provided by the token are better. The game may seem difficult at first, but after a while, you get used to it.” – Matt Calaway

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