8IGH Brings The World’s 1st Community Controlled Professional Basketball Team to Atlanta

Changing the dynamics of the Sports Industry by facilitating community interactions

8IGH (Pronounced /eight/), a blockchain company founded by Jordan Tate and Treyous Jarrells, has partnered with The Basketball League (TBL) team market owner Chris Allison to bring the world’s 1st community-controlled professionals basketball team (ATL 8IGH DAO) to Atlanta Georgia. Built by the 8IGH team, ATL 8IGH DAO is the first men’s professional basketball team to be controlled by its community members in the world. As the evolution of the Atlanta Empire, ATL 8IGH DAO is a part of TBL, which is the third-largest professional basketball league in North America. Interestingly, TBL holds a record of being the first professional sports league to be founded by an African-American woman, Evelyn Magley.

Being a DAO implies that ATL 8IGH DAO will change the dynamics of the sports industry by facilitating community interactions within the members of the sports team. It will not only be the first professional basketball team controlled by its community members that hold two specific NFTs in their digital wallet but will back their NFTs through a DAO fund. The DAO will create an opportunity for the team to lead different community initiatives, including partnering with high schools and colleges to educate students about blockchain and DeFi literacy, supporting the rise of local HBCUs, and pioneering the infusion of blockchain technology into Atlantas existing infrastructure. As a member-managed organization, ATL 8IGH DAO will be professionally managed by Chris Allison, Treyous Jarrells, Jordan Tate, and Vincent Owens as the core developers.

“The Basketball League is built on a foundation of community-driven experiences, as will ATL 8IGH DAO. From youth programs to DeFi literacy classes, the community is our heartbeat. Being able to take that same community and elevate it by way of asset acquisition, potential wealth creation, and real-world applications through the medium of entertainment is a win for everyone involved. We look forward to the impact we can all make together in Atlanta,” said Chris Allison, Team Market Owner.

In addition, 8IGH is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Africa’s largest NFT marketplace, Momint, to launch the ATL 8IGH DAO Membership NFT (Momint Edition). The first DAO Membership NFT is set to be launched on the 26th of March, 2022, at Momint virtual NFT auction. Additionally, members of the public are invited to participate by joining the 8IGH whitelist, as there will only be 5,888 ATL DAO Membership NFTs released in total and 100,000 Forever Votes NFTs released initially. The partnership is great for the 8IGH community because Momint creates a platform that grants access to the creator and consumer. It provides creators a free space to create and a platform for their audience to support them. Momint also allows for the opportunity to purchase NFTs with credit or debit cards and receive NFTs via email.

To be a participant in the community-controlled team, participants must hold the ATL DAO Membership NFT and the ATL Forever Votes NFT in their digital wallets. The membership NFT is important because it will allow for easy access to the ATL Forever Votes NFT, which will give participants a level of control and governance in the team and exclusive access to 8IGH’s blockchain and DeFi advisor. This further implies that participants will be allowed to be a part of major decision-making processes, including deciding on the team’s official name and choosing the head coach, among others.

“Growing up in Atlanta, I experienced first hand the influence a city like the A has on the rest of the world. Atlanta is the innovation hub for entertainment, fashion, music, and now blockchain technology with the introduction of the 1st pro basketball team to run as a DAO. Blockchain technology is the future, and Atlanta will be a contributor to the evolution,” said Vincent Owens, Blockchain & DeFi Advisor.


8IGH is a blockchain company whose main focus revolves around developing sports NFTs for its community members. The company will leverage its roster of high-net-worth individuals in combination with DeFi literacy education to help bridge a nationwide gap in regard to blockchain technology and NFTs. As a community member of 8IGH, you have access to exclusive experiences, rewards, and additional opportunities. The company’s mission is to incorporate DeFi literacy education to help bridge a nationwide gap in terms of knowledge and access to blockchain technology and NFTs. Its vision is to serve as an industry leader for blockchain technology and NFTs, and its purpose is to establish a community that is engulfed in experiences, rewards, and additional opportunities.

For more information, visit https://www.8igh.com

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