Preeti Ghelani Acupuncture Reviewed As The Overall Best Acupuncture Centre In Lincoln

The Lincoln acupuncture centre was founded by Preeti Ghelani who possesses a wealth of experience treating patients with a myriad of conditions ranging from anxiety, depression, and infertility to Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Hashimoto Thyroiditis, post chemotherapy fatigue and many more.

Thanks to multiple glowing reviews from numerous previous patients, Preeti Ghelani Acupuncture is currently being recommended by residents, as the overall best acupuncture centre in Lincoln, United Kingdom. Practitioner Preeti Ghelani provides professional acupuncture treatment, as well as other alternative treatment options – such as acupressure and cupping – was founded after she obtained a degree in the field from Lincoln University.

Preeti says she was impressed by how effective the simple remedy proved to be in treating her eczema and helping her sleep better. As someone who deeply values her mental and emotional health, she noticed how acupuncture greatly improved her ability to effectively deal with stress, and decided that she was going to become an acupuncturist to help make the treatment easily accessible to more people.

“After years of having received acupuncture and finding it made a real difference, I decided to study for a degree in it at Lincoln University and become an acupuncturist myself.”

The phenomenal acupuncturist believes the incredible success she has enjoyed in her practice, is simply the product of the unique advantage she has as a patient-turned-practitioner, which she claims provides her with an elevated understanding of acupuncture.

“Marrying the experience of receiving and giving acupuncture has been brilliant. It makes me a more rounded practitioner so that I understand and empathise with my patients’ needs, together with using my clinical skills to make a real difference.”

As regards the efficacy of the practice, many studies have reportedly identified it as being capable of relieving different physiological and psychological conditions. Today, acupuncture is regarded and celebrated as an effective remedy for dramatically reducing and eliminating pain.

By activating the parasympathetic nervous system and deactivating the ‘analytical brain’ which is responsible for worry and anxiety, acupuncture successfully turns off the flight or fight response, enabling patients to feel calm and relaxed. Its application ranges from combating stress and depression to tackling debilitating panic attacks, headaches, insomnia, etc.

Preeti Ghelani Acupuncture has treated people suffering from chronic back pain, anxiety disorders, migraines, digestive problems, and menstrual problems who rely on her competence and experience to get the best acupuncture treatment to leave them feeling healthier and happier.

The alternative treatment practi has received lots of positive reviews from past patients who have both affirmed the lofty claims of acupuncture and attested to the expertise of Preeti Ghelani Acupuncture in delivering the treatment.

“Preeti has really helped with my back issues (3 prolapsed discs) and hamstrings. I just got used to being in pain and have taken pain killers for over 15 years. For the first time in years I have now gone an entire month without needing them. She has used a range of treatments including acupuncture and cupping to improve my way of life. I really can’t recommend Preeti enough!!!” 

“Preeti has completely changed my life. I have endometriosis and Preeti was able to help me manage my pain so I didn’t have to take daily pain medication. She has educated herself about endometriosis and always wants to learn more about illnesses people suffer with so she can help them to the best of her ability. If you want to help yourself and want to try alternative therapy such as acupuncture or cupping, please contact Preeti. She is one in a million.”

Residents of Lincoln looking to give alternative treatment options such as acupuncture a chance at alleviating their health problems can simply visit the centre’s website to schedule an appointment.

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