Exxaverse: Cyber Gladiator Play-to-Earn Game

NFTs are taking the world by storm. These digital assets have infiltrated world industries, causing radical transformations in the existing models of businesses and organizations.

Starting as digital art collectables, Non-fungible tokens have morphed into so much more, experiencing major adoptions in the sports, gaming and the entertainment industry at large.

NFTs in Gaming

The traditional model of game ownership is quaking under the imminent pressures of NFTs,

NFTs are phrased as the Revolution of Gaming because they are truly nothing less. The era of gaming, characterized by a centralized authority controlling a game’s rules and asserting sole ownership of the profits and assets, is dissolving under the appearance of NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens are digital assets stored on a blockchain. Each one is distinct, and no two NFTs can be the same. Game developers exploited the uniqueness of NFTs by giving in-game objects such as skins, weapons, characters and consumables this special property. As a result, players can trade these digital assets amongst each other.

Today, NFT games have a rapidly growing popularity in the gaming sphere. Already existent games adopted this concept into their gameplay. For example, games created before the advent of NFTs integrated the new technology by awarding this quality to in-game objects.

On the other hand, new games essentially built on the concept of NFTs sprouted in numbers. These fully focused NFT games explored the idea of play-to-earn and seamless exchange of digital collectables to collectors or other players for use in the game.

Most NFT-powered games are run on Ethereum’s blockchain. Some engage players in online contests for a test of skills, others treat gamers to a game chance.

How Gaming NFTs Works

Gaming NFTs differ from other regular digital collectables in terms of functionality. These NFTs are usually significantly involved with the game’s operation and influence the interaction of players within the game. Digital items in a game can now experience a change of hands, one player can sell or buy in-game objects represented as NFTs on the blockchain powering the game. Sometimes, owning an NFT on a game allows a user to moderate aspects of the game.

More recently, the novel idea of play-to-earn games emerged. According to the model of these games, the developers allow users to share in profits by rewarding game time with native tokens. These tokens can be cashed by converting them to fiat currencies on supported crypto exchanges.

Essentially, NFT games are decentralized applications. This means that the entire process of swapping digital items, distributing rewards to worthy gamers, and withdrawing earnings are not facilitated by an intermediary. Does it beg to wonder how these operations are carried out without a third party? Smart contracts.

Smart contracts are computer codes containing instructions for executing the rules binding a game environment. They are stored on a blockchain, alongside the game and its associated NFTs. With the help of these smart contracts, a computer code becomes a diligent robot, processing transactions and maintaining the decorum of the game space.

You may also wonder if the system is truly centralized since the initial rules are determined by the developers. In addition to creating a preset protocol for running the environment, a design that allows for rules alteration by the members of the game community is also incorporated. In essence, changes can be made to current rules governing the game, if its members reach a consensus regarding how they will prefer the game rules.

What is Exxaverse?

Exxaverse is a gladiator-themed play-to-earn game, run on the $NEAR blockchain. The NFT game offers a thrilling battle experience with other online players in a virtual arena and a chance to claim the glory of earning rewards for triumphing. This project was designed and modeled by a world renounced artist and game designer who has done work with Call of Duty, Overwatch and League of Legends.

Players lock heads in battle using NFT characters called Gladiators. These characters are pivotal to earning in the Exxaverse through gaming activity. They are required to enter into a duel with other players, in a face-off between both parties Gladiators. Aside from being battle characters, Gladiators are also collectables.

Two classes of people may be interested in acquiring these fine works of digital art: players in the Exxaverse ecosystem who intend on using them to battle, and collectors who desire to make additions to their collection.

Features of the Exxaverse

$EXXA Token

$EXXA will serve as the native token to the Exxaverse ecosystem. This is the currency tendered for all forms of game activity that requires payment such as buying and selling of digital collectables, placing bets in arena battles, paying for arena fees.


Three different kinds of digital assets possess value by nature of their rarity. The items on the Exxaverse which can be minted on the blockchain and swapped for the platform’s official token or other virtual properties are gladiators, weapons, and arena tickets.

Arena Tickets

Arena tickets unlock access to the full experience of the Exxaverse ecosystem. They come in five different levels of rarity: Ruby (3%), Sapphire (7%), Gold (20%), Silver (30%), Bronze (40%)

Earning on Exxaverse

Participants can generate income through multiple streams in the game.

In Battle

Winners in an arena battle enjoy the spoils of the opponent’s weapon and wagered tokens before the match commences. The champion is derived based on the merit of skill and strategy.

Like every other action video game, skill is developed through consistent practice. Besides swiftness in wits, preparing the right strategy also leverages a duel. Being prepared means selecting the right Gladiator-Weapon combination before entering a match.

Winners are not determined by a game of chance. Only the best player comes out victorious at the end of the contest.

Via Arena Ownership

Players can profit from being virtual landowners. A user that buys an arena is entitled to arena fees and profits from every hosted game, irrespective of its winner. Once the arena is purchased you can set up your rules and fees. After that sit back and watch your passive income come in!


More passive income channels are created on the network. Supporting the liquidity of the ecosystem by staking in Exxaverse’s liquidity pool, attracts compound interests.

To ensure that enough $EXXA remains in circulation, the interest is an incentive to encourage users’ support of the supply bank.


Exxaverse offers the three core elements of a stellar NFT game: engaging gameplay, sufficient earning opportunity, and a supportive community.

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