Hollywood Drag Racing Officially Sponsors The 2022 Pro Ultra 4.60 Drag Bike Racing Class

Bringing the 4.60 Drag Bike Racing Class To An Elevated Level

Hollywood Drag Racing is thrilled to announce that it is the new sponsor of the 2022 Pro Ultra 4.60 Drag Bike Racing Class at all 5-Man Cup Events starting with the Manufacturers Cup (Mancup) event in Orlando, Florida. As a Mancup presented by Vincent Hines Motorcycle Drag Racing event, the event this weekend will be held in grand style. It’ll start with the 41st annual Exoticycle Nationals at Orlando Speed World (OSW), making the Vanes and Hines Mancup twelve years in operation.

Since its inception, the Drag Bike Racing Class has been sponsored by Ed Grothus of Grothus Dragbikes. However, after the Grothus Dragbikes Ultra 4.60 ended in 2021, Grothus decided to withdraw from sponsoring the class. This decision made way for the Drag Bike Racing Star, Broderick ‘Hollywood’ Jackson, to take on the responsibility of sponsoring the 2022 edition. ‘Hollywood’ Jackson decided to sponsor the event and take it to an elevated level from 2022 upwards. Currently named the ‘Hollywood Pro 4.60 Drag Bike Racing Class’, the event had 4.60 riders competing for the ultimate prize. This particular edition was mind-blowing, exciting and impactful in every way.

‘Hollywood’ Jackson made a commitment to upscale the status of the event by creating an opportunity for riders to improve themselves while competing. Additionally, to increase the winner to 3000, the runner-up 1,000.00, the semi-finalists 250.00 each, the quarter-finalists 100.00 each, while eight finalists were rewarded with 50.00 each. This was a great rewarding system to motivate riders and encourage them to be consistent. As a result of these advancements, the class was moved from its age-long premier Sportsman class to a Pro class.

The Pro Class was professionally designed in a way that orderliness and excellence was achieved during the event. It commenced on Thursday with the Pit Gate opening at 10:00 AM and closing at 8:00 PM for early-arriving racers. For the Friday’s session, the Pit Gate was opened at 8:00 AM and closed at 10:00 PM. On Saturday, it was opened at 8:00 AM and closed at 10:00 AM, while on Sunday, it was opened at 8:00 AM. Sunday’s session took a unique turn as there was a Chapel Service from 8:15 AM to 9:00 AM. For Sunday’s session, the goal of the Mancup was to complete the event successfully and get all racers win or lose on their way home at a good time.

“We’re going to bring the 4.60 class to a whole new level and I am excited to be a part of it. Just wait, we will have even more good news on the class as the season progresses. And, I promise you, the World Finals is going to be epic when it comes to 4.60 racing, you can count on it!” said Jackson.

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