Podcast Specialist launches a proven podcast solution for marketers and entrepreneurs interested in starting their podcast

See the popular podcaster helping business people tell their stories through podcasts.

A podcast is becoming one of the best cost-effective marketing techniques to establish expertise in a field and demonstrate authority to a targeted audience. Podcasters gain influence, credibility and trust while establishing competence. 

With time, products and services can be promoted, and gradually building a list with prospects will convert them into loyal paying customers.

The benefits of owning a podcast are enormous, and many business people are interested in starting one. Still, not many entrepreneurs and marketers know how to get started or adequately utilise this form of media. Luckily, Sebastian Rusk, a 2x Author, Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host, and Founder of PodcastLaunchLab.com, is on a mission to help business owners launch their podcasts with a proven podcast launch solution.

Sebastian Rusk, a digital storyteller, built  PodcastLaunchLab as a turn-key podcast launch solution for marketers and entrepreneurs who want to start a podcast. He is also the author of a 4.9 star rated book on Amazon, titled “Podcasts suck! (if you don’t have one)”. The book gives many insights into the benefits of having a podcast as a business owner.

PodcastLaunchLab assured users of their commitment to seeing their business become successful. As stated on their website, “We work to make your business start effectively working for you. We Are Your Podcast Launch Solution – we work to make your podcast launch a success!” 

The founder, Sebastian Rusk, is also the Podcast Host for various shows. He’s also interviewed celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuk, Daymond John, and Marie Forleo. 

Sebastian was also featured in Entrepreneur Magazine too. 

Sebastian Rusk also has a YouTube channel where he teaches people about podcasts. 

CEO of Coral Gables Title & Escrow left an ecstatic comment after finding out about PodcastLaunchLab. He said, “I used to be the guy that said, “people don’t look for attorneys on the internet” – and I could not have been more incorrect about that statement. Having a podcast allows you to forge new relationships and build credibility. Looking back, there isn’t a thing I would change about how we now look at content creation. The PodcastLaunchLab is not only a great solution for launching a podcast, but it is also the BEST solution to launch a podcast.”

You’ll find  various articles on their blog and videos on their YouTube channel explaining topics like; “How to grow your audience” and “How to start a podcast for free on Anchor.” and many more. The website prides itself on being the one-stop solution for entrepreneurs and marketers looking to start their journey in podcasting. PodcastLaunchLab further states they make the process easy to understand and grasp, making business owners’ lives more accessible.

Connect with Sebastian on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn for updates on the entrepreneur’s journey and everything you’ve wanted to know about starting a podcast.

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