University professor turns her genuine passion for writing into a thriving career as a professional author

See how this professor evolved over the years into her present career attainments.

Claudia Monacelli is a university professor in sociolinguistics (PhD). She is a woman with many career achievements up her sleeve as an Author and a Podcaster on the Multiple Voices podcast; she is also a Voice & Movement coach, as seen on her website, and last but not least, a seasoned Psychic Medium and Soul Therapist.

Her psychic abilities have progressed significantly over the years, beginning when she was a child. More recently, the nature and refinement of the approach she employs in her practice have led her to work with the Akashic Records to effect Soul Realignment and work as a Soul Therapist.

She clearly outlined her professional qualifications on her website, saying “I am a Registered Metaphysician (R.M.).” She also added that she was a Certified Advanced Soul Therapist as a Soul Realignment Practitioner.

Claudia Monacelli proudly announced that her current book, The Magic of Pleasure Seeking, is in the initial stages of publication for the USA market. The book is primarily targeted at millennial women.

The professor explained how, as a child, her imagination and developing psychic abilities brought her to write. These visuals took the form of poetry, sometimes in the form of couplets, but often in the form of drawings or outline poems, the words of which shaped the poem’s theme. Storytelling came next, followed by sociolinguistic studies, but the joy of language and invention she experienced as a child is still alive and well.

As a professor at UNINT University, Rome, Claudia Monacelli has published extensively on  topics in Linguistics, Pragmatics, Critical Discourse Analysis, Interpreting Studies, and Ideology.

Her other distinguishing expertise includes Past-Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, and NeuroLinguistic Programming.. The hallmark of her work is connecting to the harmony that moves us all.

She asserts her attributes firmly, saying, “I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant.”

Her story is made up of two main components: her oral communication (conferences, webinars, radio, and talk shows) and her writing, as well as the world of movement that feeds into her communication. She strongly believes that movement is life and  firmly believes that; “We communicate with our entire body, and our voice is our calling card.”

Claudia Monacelli is CEO of Multiple Voices LLC, from which her podcast takes its name. The podcast is divided into series that provide a platform for expressing Pleasure, Power, Love, Relationships and many more.

The author has dabbled in various writing genres and amassed a devoted following of readers who eagerly await her new releases. Claudia continues to push literary boundaries, finding her voice in many media, despite her multiple works and triumphs.

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