Work From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic Changes Coffee Consumption Habits – Apricitas Coffee Co. Meets the Challenge

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that adapting to changing circumstances is not optional but critical to meeting consumer needs. One area this has been the case is the coffee sales industry. With workplaces shifting from in-person to virtual, work from home becoming the norm, and coffee shops among the businesses having to shut down, coffee-loving consumers were left with little choice but to shift their usual coffee consumption routines. Additionally, since Americans consume 400 million cups daily, the coffee retail and sales industry had to adjust to and keep up with demand and continue serving their consumers in the best conceivable way.

With the forgoing being the case, coffee consumers made the following adjustments between 2020 and 2021. Coffee consumption at home reached record highs, and “Americans are embracing new coffee habits (NCA National Coffee Data Trends, Spring 2021).” More than 80% of coffee drinkers consumed at least one cup at home, and close to 30% tried to duplicate their favorite coffee shop drinks while at home. Furthermore, gourmet coffee consumption has increased year over year and among younger persons. These coffee lovers need fresh coffee shop-style coffee at home without sacrificing quality.

While store-bought coffee has been a choice for many decades, it is sometimes made with lower-grade beans, mass roasted, and stored on a shelf for many months. While this is understandable and even necessary for their business model, what the consumer receives is coffee that is not of the highest quality that it could be. The Apricitas Coffee Co. solves this problem by using premium coffee beans, roasting them to order the same day the customer purchases, then shipping them directly to the customer’s door. As a result, customers receive coffee from Apricitas that is high-grade, gourmet, and is at its peak freshness. Apricitas also continuously creates and shares new gourmet coffee recipes that customers can learn how to make and enjoy at home. Therefore, great coffee never needs to be sacrificed, even during a pandemic.

It has been noted by the National Coffee Association USA (NCA) that many Americans “miss their favorite coffee businesses,” and many are going back to the pre-pandemic routines of ordering from coffee shops (NCA National Coffee Data Trends, Spring 2021). However, it should also be noted that work from home jobs do not appear to be going away soon. Though there will always be a need for coffee shops, consumers who continue to work from home will need access to the best gourmet coffees available right from their kitchens. Since Apricitas Coffee Co. operates online only and ships directly to consumers, great gourmet coffees will always be available to coffee-lovers – during a global pandemic and beyond!

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