Rising digital marketer and young entrepreneur Zac Richman making big waves on social media

Added to being the revered founder of rising digital marketing company ZRichMedia, Zac Richman loves to get involved with various activities, events, and adventures.

Miami, Florida – March 03, 2022 – One moment he is interviewing Karen Korponai for Akon Lighting Africa, in another, he is discussing with Brad Lea for his upcoming course, and also taking up the podium by storm with a powerful speech on paid media. Zac Richman is a  rising digital marketer and dynamic entrepreneur, and a lot more. A highly inspiring individual who believes in living life to the fullest, the young entrepreneur has already taken up the internet by storm, raking up a whopping volume of 78.6k followers (and counting) on Instagram

Zac Richman is not your regular entrepreneur who is so lost in the daily rut of life that he barely has a moment left to stand and stare. Rather, he is more of a highly spirited and promising young man who loves to delve into various exciting ventures and adventures that life has to offer. His social media page, say Instagram page, is bustling with captures of several interesting events and incidents that he has been a part of. 

Zac’s latest gig was a speaking event where he was invited as an expert to speak on the significance of Paid Media, especially for brand awareness.  

“It was a truly amazing experience and I enjoyed every bit of it”, stated Zac while speaking about his latest speaking session. 

“I highly believe in the power of Paid Media and it felt great to share and inform a hall full of audience about how paid media can do wonders to spread the word about your company and take your solution to your target niche.” 

Zac has also been the host of popular business leader interview show, Business In The First Lane. The show showed Zac driving around and hosting a candid interview with leading business figures and changemakers of the world. While asked about the most memorable takeaways of the show, Zac mentioned the interview with Karen Korponai. A dedicated changemaker, Kare was the first person to be brought on by Akon for his Lighting Africa project- a project committed to bringing working power and electricity in various parts of Africa.

As an entrepreneur, Zac is the founder of  fast-rising digital marketing company, ZRichMedia. The company is a full service digital marketing company that supports businesses with all kinds of digital marketing services, including Google Ads, Email and SMS Marketing, social media ads, sales funnel development, creative copywriting, influencer marketing, and more. A major USP of Zac’s digital marketing agency that keeps it ahead of the curve is that it promises 100% Performance-based marketing service. Unlike regular digital marketing companies, ZRichMedia does not charge upfront and offers landing pages and ad development upfront for no cost. 

And when Zac is not busy running the ads or developing landing pages for clients, he is seen indulging in various thrilling activities like skydiving or skiing, or sporting  a true blue Cowboy hat like a boss. 

For more information, please visit https://www.zrichmedia.com or Instagram @ZacRichman

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