Atobu-gama Reinvents Microwaveable Bizen With A New Line Of Unique Oni Bizen Kitchen Equipment.

Japanese-based company Atobu-gama has perfected the use of traditional Bizen ware in the kitchen. ONI-BIZEN products are characterized by a touch of antique sophistication. These products have their roots in the Kamakura period, one of Japan’s six most ancient kilns.

Top in the list of its latest products is the  Japanese Ohitsu ONI BIZEN-ware , a uniquely curved rice serving container with a beautifully crafted lid. The cylindrical container is used to prepare dishes and keep them warm.

ONI BIZEN Ohitsu can be microwaved to prepare or reheat rice, seasoned vegetables, meat, and seafood while maintaining the freshness of the dish. This allows for simplified kitchen to table presentation

ONI BIZEN Ohitsu effectively retains the heat of prepared food by means of a densely porous structure.This allows for the use of less oil compared to other cookware therefore enhancing the sauté experience. Unlike steaming or boiling, use of this Ohitsu will reduce the loss of nutritional content during meal preparation.

The temperature-resistant dish is multipurpose as it could be used to prepare several kinds of foods and can act as a food storage container in the kitchen.

Atobu Gama Bizen-ware ceramic kitchen products provide convenience and safety as they are entirely non-reactive and contain no chemical additives.

The ONI-BIZEN “Ohitsu” Ceramic Kitchen Pot

Japanese Ceramic Bizen Ware Casserole Baking Dish Microwave Safe Large, ONI BIZEN Ware, Atobu-gama

Second in the company’s new Amazon listing is the Japanese Ceramic Bizen Ware Casserole baking dish  is a microwave-safe and oven-safe(electric oven only) pottery plate popular among home chefs.

The unique ONI BIZEN Casserole Baking Dish is used to prepare delicious meals that are baked in the oven and to the table for meal presentation.

The rough texture at the bottom is effective for preventing drying and the adhering of dishes to the surface of the plate, keeping the food fresh.

The artistic appearance of the baking dish gives an expression of a simple and earthly touch, serving the user with a beautiful and charmingly decorative touch on the dining table, kitchen, and everyday life.

Any task can be thrown at an ONI BIZEN casserole dish: serving dips, baking a casserole, serving popcorn, or even a fruit bowl.

The ONI BIZEN Casserole Baking dish is well-sized for daily use since its shape of W   10.6Xh 1.66 x D 10.03 inch is suitable for cooking all kinds of meals from seafood, rice, and bread.

The ONI BIZEN casserole baking dish contains a naturally scratch-resistant and long-lasting color with beautiful glaze, high quality, and eco-friendly. The pottery is durable in everyday use, and it’s ready to be used for delicious meals

The ONI BIZEN casserole baking dish is fired in the kiln until it hits 1200 degree celsius, therefore it has high heat retention capacity only using electric ovens.

The ONI BIZEN casserole baking dish is easy to clean due to its non-stick and smooth nature and can be hand washed with soap and water. 

ONI-BIZEN Casserole Baking Dish

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