Amazon’s Prime Video Will Enter The Teen Drama Market With “Wes & Belle”

Amazon’s Prime Video Will Enter The Teen Drama Market With "Wes & Belle"

It has recently been announced that Amazon Prime has secured an 8 episode deal for a new teen drama called “Wes and Belle”. This TV series is the latest project from female powerhouse Belle Nuru Dayne, who has written and produced several rom-coms, such as The Back-Up Plan and Book Club.

Wes and Belle is loosely based on Dayne’s own personal experiences. She currently has a $55 million dollar deal with Amazon to carry out film and TV projects. This will also be Amazon’s breakout original teen drama series. It is predicted that this series will compete with Netflix’s Outer Banks and HBO’s Euphoria for one of the best teen drama series of this generation.

All About Wes and Belle

People who love a good teen drama are going to want to keep their Amazon Prime memberships. Wes and Belle tells the story of the tumultuous relationship between star quarterback Wes and his cheerleader girlfriend Belle along with their group of friends. 

From the outside, their relationship can appear toxic and volatile, as the two characters have gone through hardships that others don’t quite understand. Both characters feel a certain amount of social pressure to make their relationship seem picture-perfect. When sitting at the top of the social hierarchy, they can’t let anyone else see their vulnerable side.

What’s unique about the story of Wes and Belle is that neither are portrayed as a villain, even though they both crave social dominance. Instead, the story goes further into how they will do anything to protect each other, no matter how dark things get. Even at their worst, they are still supportive of each other.

At first glance, it appears that Wes and Belle come from a life of privilege, where they get everything they want. Once the story goes deeper into their backstory and traumas, it’s more clear as to why these two have chosen each other.

Dayne to Star in Leading Role as Belle

Many aspects of the story have been inspired by Dayne’s real life. She is extremely proud of the work that she has put into this project and is looking forward to stepping into the shoes of the TV series’ leading lady. Dayne will be playing head cheerleader Belle as she brings this story to life. 

People who are looking forward to Amazon Prime’s upcoming teen drama series can find more information about it at Belle Nuru Dayne’s official website and

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