SIDUS HEROES: An Arena for battling foes and claiming victories

SIDUS HEROES belongs to a new type of video game that implements a Play-to-Earn (P2E) model. This concept gives players ownership rights over all in-game items and incentivizes them to play and progress through the game. 

SIDUS HEROES and other games like it build up player-driven economic systems that have tangible value in the real world. 

SIDUS HEROES takes this concept to another level and extends the game’s reachability by being accessible in one click. Users don’t need to download an application onto their Android, iOS, PC, or Mac to start playing. They just have to open up their browser and type in the game’s URL.

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An Arena for the greatest team to win real rewards

The central and most vital action in the beta test game will take place in the arena, the site of battles, where teams of 3 players must face each other. This is the event where all the processes of character leveling, purchase of components, and various game attire to enhance Heroes’ characteristics culminate.

 It is the most important and exciting event in the universe — players entering the PvP battlefield and fighting one another.

In the battle, players are able to win real rewards and where the most valuable assets and resources are distributed. Every Hero can also bring one pet with them to the battlefield.

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SIDUS HEROES is considered to be the gaming industry’s first NFT-based, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, MMORPG game. Events inside the game take place in a futuristic world based on crypto and blockchain philosophy, where all living beings have merged with technology to create superior races.

Learn more about SIDUS HEROES through its official blog to get to know more about the game, the future of SIDUS, and its plans moving forward. 






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