IDHUBS’ web3.0 technology delivers #FutureOfWork ready Single Platform for any type of Small Business needs.

Ontario – March 3, 2022 – Ontario, Canadian-based software company IDHUBS launched its flagship product an All-In-One SaaS Digital Ecosystem Solution Platform that has already attracted many paying organization customers, and over 80K registered users in the platform. Organizations adopting the id4org enable them to Work, Collaborate, and Do Business digitally, anytime, and anywhere, saving them over 70% of annual recurring costs. An exclusive interactive ecosystem around the Organization is created by building a focused and engaging community with integrated social commerce & personal branding value-added services.

Rojit Sorokhaibam is, a Canadian tech entrepreneur, and the Chief Architect of IDHUBS, says, “Small and Medium Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations were badly affected and are going through a difficult time; therefore, business owners must implement a digital solution that can help sustain their business operations. In order to achieve and scale their larger business goals, they must:

  1. Keep their team engaged with innovative collaboration tools for operation efficiency.
  2. Bring customers, prospects, and like-minded people together by offering a focused and trusted social commerce-enabled community.
  3. Convert their business website to a portal along with apps and make an Omni-Channel Marketing platform through an Ecosystem Solution around their Organization.”

ID4ORG provides a plethora of applications that simplify the daily operations for small to medium businesses and provides meaningful features including a corporate website and branded iOS & Android apps, team collaboration, intranet for organizations, video conferencing, event management, project management, CRM, etc.

Building a strong community through a focused networking platform is how IDHUBS allows members to keep informed, connected, engaged, and mutually supportive, along with many useful features and private team collaboration solutions.

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