Introducing Book and Bear, a Subscription Box Company That Uses the “Power of Plush Building” to Motivate Young Kids to Read

Book and Bear is a monthly delivery of plush building fun paired with a picture book about the animal to get kids reading real books again

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on humankind. To combat the pandemic, world leaders issued a global lockdown, requiring everyone to stay home. Unfortunately, this measure had detrimental effects, and one of these is a decline in reading culture among children. According to Amplify, studies show that due to all the school closures over the past two years, at least 33% of all kids ages K-3 are behind in building their reading skills.

Concerned with the decline in reading culture and skills, Book and Bear was established in 2020 as a book subscription box company that offers a monthly delivery of plush building fun paired with a picture book about the animal. Speaking about the initiative, Founder of Book and Bear, Kymberly MacAgy, had this to say, “Kids who approach reading from a place of confidence are more likely to enjoy reading and continue to put in the effort it takes to become fluent readers. Book and Bear’s plush animal building kits are easy for kids to build all by themselves, providing that sense of confidence that makes their new picture book enticing. Plus, working through the puzzle of sounding out words is all the more fun with a new plush friend by their side.”

With two years down the line, the Book and Bear company celebrated their anniversary with a rebranding. The company is also looking to assist grandparents interested in developing their grandkids’ reading skills and in spending quality time with their grandkids, homeschooling parents who are looking to enrich their child’s reading education, and parents and other relatives who want to give a special, screen-free and educational gift.

“Many grandparents want to find activities that will help them develop a closer relationship with their school-aged grandkids without having to learn how to play video games,” continued Kymberly. “Customers tell us that hand-building a new plush animal with their grandchild and reading the picture book or chapter book that comes in their Book and Bear box helps them build closer bonds and sweet memories together. And that is exactly why we launched Book and Bear.”

Each subscription box from Book and Bear contains materials with which children can hand-build an animal and a new book about the animal to make reading fun. Parents can subscribe to the picture book box for ages 3 to 7 or the chapter book box for ages 8 and above at $42.99 per month. After the subscription is confirmed, Book and Bear company sends out boxes on the 4th of every month.

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About Kymberly MacAgy

Kymberly MacAgy is a former Elementary School Teacher, Homeschool Mom, Girl Scout Leader, Tea Party Lady, and founder of Book and Bear company. She noticed that when stuffed animals were paired with books, the response of even reluctant readers was intense interest. So she rebranded her Tea Party business to form Book and Bear, the only Kid’s Book Subscription Box with a plush animal friend that kids can build themselves. Book and Bear company provides everything needed to build the new plush animal with no need to sew, a picture book for ages 3-7 or a chapter book for ages 8 and above, including bonus activities to enhance a child’s learning about the animal of the month.

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