Rodney Blackmon Releases New Book, “Not Your Average Joe”

This new book by Rodney Blackmon is a fictional masterpiece that follows the story of Joe Valentine, an environmental service worker who is forced to rob a bank because of the wrong decisions he made in the past

Author and writer Rodney Blackmon is pleased to announce the release of his new book title, Not Your Average Joe. The book follows the story of Joe Valentine, a down-on-his-luck environmental service worker who robs a bank and is quickly captured. During his arrest, Joe began to reflect on the mistakes he made in his life and how he got to the point of robbing a bank. From getting a divorce to losing a child to getting stuck in a tree by a dog and knocking over a casket with a body in it, Not Your Average Joe is both heart-touching and hilarious.

The book is a unique and enthralling novel detailing the story of Joe Valentine and his escapades as an environmental service worker. Speaking about the book, Rodney Blackmon had this to say, “I am happy to release my book, Not Your Average Joe, to the general public. It took several months of writing, proofreading, and editing before the final manuscript was published. Not Your Average Joe tells the tale of how bad decisions can alter the course of a person’s life and shape their existence negatively. The book presents this serious life lesson with a bit of humor to keep readers entertained without watering down its message.”

Not Your Average Joe is a reminder that the decisions and actions people take can make or mar them. It provides an inspiration that seeks to remind the readers to do right always, no matter the consequence. As the reader flips through the pages of the book, they will be drawn deeper and deeper as Rodney brings his wealth of experience as a writer to work in crafting Not Your Average Joe. The book is both hilarious and packed with a serious message.

It is now available for download on Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook, and Paperback versions. To get Not Your Average Joe by Rodney Blackmon, please visit

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