Meet coach Mohamed Sultan: The fittest diabetic athlete in the Arab world

Meet coach Mohamed Sultan: The fittest diabetic athlete in the Arab world
Meet coach Mohamed Sultan: The fittest diabetic athlete in the Arab world
Mohamed Sultan, 33 years old, health and wellness coach, type 1 diabetic athlete, fifth fittest man in Egypt, one of the few in the world that has diabetes and doing a very highly intensive training.

Mohamed Sultan, who has worked in the fitness business for about 13 years, has a passion for studying. He was teaching Biomechanics and offering advice to employees on how to better themselves. He considers himself to be a competitive individual who enjoys challenges, working hard, and taking advantage of opportunities. His passion is assisting others in achieving their objectives and getting the most out of everything they do.

Challenges to the extreme

Mohammed never feared failure, and he never stopped pursuing his goals. At a young age, 14, Sultan was seriously injured after a serious car accident, drove him to a broken pelvis, over 4 months in bed, 3 months on a Wheelchair, and 3 months on a crutch. It took him about a year to be able to walk again.

A decade later, he developed diabetes. It was a difficult time for a young ambitious man, as each physician told him to change his lifestyle, be less active, don’t over workout. Sultan resolved not to give up, to work hard, to overcome this challenge, and to pursue his passion.

Early age

Born in Maadi, Egypt from Cairo, Sultan studied mass communication at the Misr University of Science and Technology. He showed great passion in the media, where his dream was to be a filmmaker, then his passion for sports got him studying sports as well.

A real passion

Sultan is passionate about assisting people in achieving their goals and finding fulfillment in themselves. Sultan, who is described by his friends as a true believer, wants to influence and touch people’s lives in order for them to profit from his own experience and live a healthy life. This is his passion!

New start in UAE

He relocated to Dubai four years ago, in February of 2018, and has been freelancing since, working with prominent personalities and celebrities. Sultan is planning to launch his own luxury gym in the United Arab Emirates soon.

The 1-minute tip

Sultan has released a new series of videos aimed to helping people get fit and healthy in just one minute, in addition, assist people in adopting a healthier lifestyle, locating better diet, and diagnosing and correcting any health-related issues.

Latest Collaborations


Home center

Under Armour

Calvin Klein

Smart Dubai

Landmark group

Apple Music

Beat diabetes

Latest Certificates

ISSA international sports Science association, Personal training

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach AFPA

SPN Sports Fitness Nutritionist

Spinning AFAA

Stick Mobility

ISSA’s Strength and Conditioning Certification

Spinning Mad Dogg

CrossFit L1

Fifth fittest man in Egypt

His favorite quote

I was determined to share my positive approach towards diabetes and not allow it to stand in my way of enjoying life!

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