“Reality is both fair and cruel” – Ed Latimore Shares His Experience Working at a Homeless Shelter

In a recent post for his newsletter Stoic Street-Smarts, former heavyweight boxer Ed Latimore shares his experience from when he worked as a security guard at a men’s homeless shelter. The post discusses five lessons he learned from the experience but the general theme of the article shines a light on the underbelly of modern society, blurring the line between fair and cruel.

In a tweet on his Twitter profile (@EdLatimore) where he shared this post with his followers, he wrote, “We’d like to believe that those we care for will be there for us through thick and thin, but EVERYONE has a breaking point. The families of these men had reached theirs and were willing to let them live on the street.” In the post, too, he takes a critical yet sympathetic view of the families and relatives of homeless people and the rest of society. He writes, “I saw more than one guy come in there who got laid off just a few weeks earlier. He couldn’t make the rent, had any savings, and so they evicted him. Reality is both fair and cruel.”

He was raised by a single mother and grew up in a public housing project. “I was as poor as you could be growing up in America. I had to work through a lot of the trauma I experienced growing up in this environment to make something of myself,” he said in a recent interview. He also believes that the issues he developed growing up were what led him to alcoholism.

Latimore has been sober for 8 years now. He helps people with alcoholism, porn addiction, and addiction in general which he has been doing since 2018. He’s also an Amazon best-selling author of the book called “Sober Letters To My Drunken Self.”

As an amateur boxer, Ed Latimore worked as a security guard, sold T-mobile phones, worked as a bank teller, and as a barista at Starbucks. After losing his first professional fight on national TV, she because a physics and mathematics teacher for high school students. He writes about his experiences in his newsletter “Stoic Street-Smart” for his 27k subscribers. He also writes about the life lessons he has learned throughout his life in his newsletter and on his Twitter. He also uses his newsletter and his Twitter to positively influence people suffering from addiction.

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