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Maru Neko is a next generation meme coin that aims to build utility by building it’s own metaverse world and economy. We felt that this was the most natural evolution of meme coins to ensure their survival.We’re building the future home of Maru Neko and the largest meme coin game in the metaverse.We’re creating utility for $MARU by building a P2E game, community owned assets as NFTs, and a metaverse where $MARU holders can meet and hang out.We aim to partner with other meme coins to bring them into our metaverse.

Maru Neko NFT

Maru Neko NFT is a collection of 10 000 randomly generated non-fungible tokens (NFTs) built on the Binance Chain blockchain. These are ‘collectible’ pets that come in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

Maru Swap

Maru Swap is a peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange that operates on top of the pancakeswap platform. It allows you to swap any coin with any other coin. So, say you have some Dogecoin, and you’d like to exchange it for Pandacoin. With Maru Swap, you can do just that!

Maru Marketplace

We are building a global peer-to-peer market for NFTs, rare digital items and crypto collectibles to make them easily tradeable by anyone. With Maru Neko we provide inventors of new items, creators and small/medium businesses with a platform where they can put their NFTs on the marketplace and get access to a bigger audience.

Maru Metaverse

Achieve a deeper level of immersion in VR gaming with Maru Neko! Maru Neko is a state-of-the-art virtual reality platform that provides a unified and interoperable virtual reality environment. With integrated hardware and software, Maru Neko offers users an extremely realistic and immersive VR experience.

Maru Lottery

Welcome to the Maru Neko Lottery. The lottery has only one prize: a life-changing amount of MARU, paid out over the course of several tendays. It is a game of chance and hope, using tickets that you can buy as often as you like. The more tickets you buy, the better your chances are at winning big!

Maru Referral

Refer your friends and earn cool stuff. Earn points by sharing our site with your friends. When they make their first purchase, you’ll get a kickback.

Maru DeFi

Maru Neko is the first, fully decentralized and reliable way to finance your favorite creative projects. On Maru Neko all the network participants are able to securely invest in the future of a project. Not just a financial contribution but also their time, effort and attention.

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