Dr. Jay Feldman Established a Top Rated Digital Media Empire during Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has been a great challenge for populations and economies across the globe. Several businesses were closed due to a lack of finances and millions of people lost their jobs during social distancing measures. This temporary disruption of life caused so many barriers in the physical connectivity of people; however, the digital sector found ways to flourish. The emerging technologies helped people with digital mindsets and skills to find new ways to grow. Among many other digital media pioneers, Dr. Jay Feldman, originally an Osteopathic Medicine doctor in New York, decided to pursue his passion during the tough hours of a pandemic.

This clinical specialist completed his education at Touro College of Medicine; however, he started developing an interest in entrepreneurship during his studies itself. He was making efforts to balance his career as a medical practitioner and business owner for a long time. However, January 2020 was the time when Dr. Jay Feldman finally decided to quit his medical career and entered the business sector with full determination.

He started his idea in collaboration with Scott Bartnick and they combined their expertise to create a successful media agency. The services offered by these professionals include public relations, e-commerce, and digital marketing. Otter Public Relations is now recognized as a top-rated media firm that is helping coaches, authors, founders, and thought leaders to break the glass and enter confidently into the mainstream media.

Dr. Feldman used his life lessons in a very creative way to set up a new enterprise. He created an inner circle of entrepreneurs that have common goals and passion and can commit to each other for building business. He took a long time to master his skills and never failed to learn and improve. Moreover, the constructive criticism that he gained at different phases of his career helped him to grow well and identify new opportunities in the market. The best part is that being a doctor, he could recognize between mental and physical well-being and used this thought to set up his business. Presently, his firm is also taking advantage of providing fitness opportunities to people via the affordable home gym. In this ever-changing world, REX fitness is helping people to maintain their overall health, which is more useful during this covid-19 pandemic.

With his unique thought and expertise, Dr. Feldman has now become an International Entrepreneur with a great follower base on YouTube and Instagram. On one side he is leading a top-rated business firm with PR services with a goal to help growing businesses build a reputation online. And in the meanwhile, the REX fitness brand is serving people with ultimate options to maintain mental and physical well-being. Both these ideas are really useful for the coming generations and they can bring new growth opportunities for new entrepreneurs as well. Today he is known for leading the fastest growing PR firm with 7 figure income.

About Dr. Jay Feldman

Dr. Jay Feldman is originally recognized as a clinical specialist; however, today he has made a new and more powerful identity as a business visionary. He started with a goal to help others with his digital marketing skills so that this world can be a better place to work. He was born in the year 1991 in New York; however, later his family moved to South Florida. During his school days, he was very active in the sports club and played for the seashore volleyball crew for years.

After finishing his clinical education from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in NY, he started giving his expertise to the health board of trustees as well as AMA. However, he experienced several challenges in his career due to numerous errors. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he started working on digital solutions to help other businesses find new growth opportunities in the market. Although he was criticized by several people on this journey, his determination helped him to set up a 7 figure digital media empire in the industry. 

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