Global Awakened United Summit and VIP Dinner: A Celebration of Life, Opportunities and Contribution to Mankind

Global Awakened United Summit and VIP Dinner: A Celebration of Life, Opportunities and Contribution to Mankind

A gathering for innovation and worthy business partnership.
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The great British scholar Edmund Burke once said that the greatest sin anyone can commit is to decide to do nothing, especially when they can do a little. This opinion was further reiterated by Winston Churchill when he asserts that “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. All these however serve the very foundation upon which the friendship between Kessa Gooden and Ryan Long transformed into a life-inspiring charity organization. In its 12years of existence, GAII.

Our Motivation at Global Awakened Initiative Inc.

The world we live in had been a hub of rose and thorns; a pure blend of joy and sorrow at least to say. While many revels in affluence with the multitude of resources that often results in waste, getting a decent meal and a place to call home had been the only daily worry of some other people. We all as humans have two choices to make – ignore the sorrow of others as long as we are comfortable with life, or choose to do something about the life and aspirations of others. The latter was the choice Kessa Gooden and Ryan Long made about 12 years ago when we decided to operate a non-profit organization to cater to the education, amenities, and housing need of Africans. This act of charity according to Ryan Long is based on the belief that “the best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” Today Ryan Long is gone, how do we make sure his dreams and aspirations do not die with him?

Why You Should Attend the Global Awakened United Summit and VIP Dinner

The importance of networking to the up-scaling of businesses is one rare element that cannot be overemphasized. This opinion was equally shared by the sage business writer Robert Kiyosaki who says “the richest people in the world build networks, every other person is trained to look for work”. While experience had seen most smart people get employed and work the path of a career, we have seen some others start a business to create jobs and enhance progress. To get the best hand to work with had been among the age-long challenges for most business owners and job seekers alike. While we at Global Awakened Initiative Inc. are committed to the upliftment of the less privileged in our society, we are not blind to the challenges of most business owners as well.

Bringing successful business owners together to foster partnership and innovation had been the dream of my late friend Ryan Long; a realization of this is the motivation behind the 3days business summit scheduled to take place from May 20-22, 2022. Not only will the summit and dinner night create an opportunity for the world’s foremost business professionals and experts to come together and discuss, but it also gives room for shared ideas and visions that could foster partnership among business professionals.

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Opportunity for sponsorship and partnership is also open to those aspiring to be an important part of this life-changing exercise. Ticket to the Global Awakened United Summit and VIP Dinner is available for purchase on

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