Turn Smiles Into a Passion for Helping Others With Renee Robinson’s New Book

The author believes success is found in digging deep and using one’s inner strength.

Those who’ve experienced the sweet taste of success will not say their road was without major inconveniences. Impact Leadership with Renee Robinson, now available on Amazon, shares the powerful story of a woman who, despite having lost the opportunity to pursue her dream job, dug deep into her past experiences and found the strength to venture into uncharted territories that eventually brought her happiness and fulfillment.

Renee Robinson grew up in an underprivileged family in a small town on Vancouver Island. She graduated as a nurse with a special performance in psychology — something sparked by her love of people. Robinson’s desire to constantly learn led her to earn her real estate license and coach leadership and business strategies to families and individuals online. Starting out as a psychiatric nurse, a terrible incident resulted in a shoulder injury and the loss of her dream job. Nevertheless, she states that she’d not have it any other way: “I’m so grateful that this test was part of my life journey. I do not want to ever think what my life would have been if I was not on this path. I’ve learned and grown so much, and I’m proud of the woman I have become, and I continue growing.”

Having lost her dream job, Robinson did not succumb to despair and victimhood. Instead, she used the most valuable resource to get back on the grind — herself. She dug deep, recalled her passion for people, extracted valuable lessons from her experiences, pictured a bright future, and smiled.

“We never truly know what path our lives will take or who we will meet on our way. I just believe everything happens for a reason, even at times when we don’t understand why. I’m truly blessed by my life experiences,” says Robinson.

Impact Leadership with Renee Robinson is filled with stories and experiences that will motivate readers to understand that all their life experiences — good or bad — are worth going through. Because, at the end of the day, it’s all a learning experience for which one should be grateful and smile.

Entrepreneur Vicki Reierson explains how Robinson has been a great coach to her: “I have known Renee for about two years now through the online business we are both developing. She is my coach and mentor in this online business. I have come to know her as an effective communicator and a brilliant finance advisor who is tenacious about finding solutions to how people can solve their financial problems. She is readily available to lead, guide, and inspire her team, regardless of personal, trying times in her own life. Thank you so much!”

Derek Sienko, CEO of Diversified Rehabilitation Group Inc., attests to Robinson’s honest and supportive attitude: “I have known Renee both professionally and personally since 2017. She is a natural helper, coach, and facilitator. She is patient, intuitive, and listens deeply. Renee possesses a unique ability to connect with people quickly. She is honest, trustworthy, and authentically selfless in her contributions. Renee is a person who is always there to support others while taking care of her physical and psychological well-being. She is a person people want to have on their team.”

Impact Leadership with Renee Robinson is now for sale on Amazon.

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