In the era of DeFi dividend, could Masks become the new benchmark of future DeFi?

With more and more people entering the blockchain world, Singapore’s Blue Ocean Foundation has launched a Defi experiment. It has launched a decentralized project that gets together all kinds of best algorithms in the Defi field — Masks Chain Finance, with the intention of creating a free, equal and highly autonomous community. Through continuous exploring and improvement of the ecosystem, we will output high qualified services for global blockchain users, and add more value to community participants.

In the era of DeFi dividend, could Masks become the new benchmark of future DeFi?

As a new financial and economic model with a virtuous ecological closed loop, Masks will let any cryptocurrency enthusiasts to participate in the development of the Masks’ community. Starting with DeFi ecosystem, Masks’ community is aiming to promote the global adoption of DeFi and eventually to build a future-oriented metasomes ecosystem with the complementary integration of DeFi+NFT+ SocialFi e-commerce parallel to the real world.

In terms of the underlying system, the platform integrates the concept of NFT to enhance the resistant ability for external fluctuations and reduce the fluctuation of token value. Additionally, Masks’ community is also committed to solving problems inherent in and emerging from existing financial platforms. Masks’ community is using NFT+DeFi+ SocialFI e-commerce technology to redefine the financial platform and enabling the global digital currency to achieve cryptography on the chain and obtain confirming rights. Besides, Masks’ community is jointly promoting the healthy and efficient progress of the entire financial industry. We are currently experiencing a migration from the physical world to the digital world. The wave of DeFi finance represents that the asset digital process is unfolding. No matter how big of the assets in the physical world, digital assets will only bigger than that of the physical world. If you believe in the power of the consensus and willing to participate in the blockchain’s value feedback, please to experience personally and try to contact with Masks, you’ll find it is so charming.

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