Jonathan Rohrer Delves Deep into the Meaning of Life and Different Perceptions in His Book

Jonathan Rohrer Delves Deep into the Meaning of Life and Different Perceptions in His Book

Jonathan Rohrer explores the meaning of life, the different perceptions people have, and what the “truth” is.

Jonathan Rohrer asks idiosyncratic but necessary questions in his book, “Realisations of an Always Searching Mind That Came to Rest” to encourage readers to step outside of their comfort zone, and challenge their views on life.

After his trip to Thailand and spending almost a year in the jungle there, Jonathan Rohrer had an epiphany—what is the “truth”? Is everyone’s perception of the “truth” different?

Jonathan Rohrer offers nothing more than new perspectives from which readers most likely never viewed themselves and the world around them.

“I encourage my readers to ask questions. A healthy and curious mind questions its surroundings. Spending time in Thailand made me realise that our perception of reality is different from others in our life. There’s no one version of the truth. In the Western society, we’ve taught to go with scientific reasoning. But there’s more to things than that. Some people will refute scientific discoveries with supernatural or religious reasons. It’s their version of the truth,” commented Jonathan, talking about the contents of his book and what he teaches readers to question.

Jonathan’s musings help readers reconnect with themselves, reduce stress, and make significant changes to their life. Although the teachings and advice in the book are similar to Taoism and Zen-Buddhism, Jonathan Rohrer does not endorse any philosophy or religion.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

Realisations Of An Always Searching Mind That Came To Rest’ is self-published by Jonathan Rohrer.

ISBN: 9781915206381

Published: January 5, 2022

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