Squidverse 3D – Six P2E Squid Game-Inspired Minigames Prepare to Enter the Binance Smart Chain

Squidverse 3D is a revolutionary decentralized finance gaming project based on blockchain technology. The project features six Squid Game-inspired minigames that players can approach with friends or other players from around the globe.

With over 111 million viewers in the first month alone, Squid Game’s acclaim has reached all four corners of the earth.  

The immense popularity of this Netflix series has inspired various game developers to attempt creating a similar setting. Squidverse 3D is one of the most highly-anticipated Squid Gameinspired gaming titles coming soon on the Binance Smart Chain.  

Squidverse 3D project plans to introduce a myriad of new functionalities and features to the platform, including unique NFT characters, a premium gaming Launchpad, a dedicated Squidverse 3D NFT marketplace, a Governance token, and more.  

Six Metaverse minigames reminiscent of the original Squid Games are being developed. The first game presented in the Netflix series called ‘Red Light, Green Light’ is already available for players to enjoy. Players will have the ability to mind and use unique NFT characters in-game. The developers of SquidVerse 3D have just released a new free-to-play version of Red Light, Green Light, on the 15th of February.  


The Squidverse 3D gaming Launchpad is currently being developed. This invention will allow Squidverse 3D players to launch, stake, and enjoy the many benefits that Squidverse tokens provide to their holders.  

Squidverse 3D metaverse is the the first P2P & NFT Metaverse. Exquisite events and unique interactions set Squidverse 3D games apart from other titles with a similar theme. The Squidverse 3D staking platform offers attractive rates and rock-bottom tax rates. With the coming of a dedicated staking Launchpad called Squidpad, the functionalities and utility of the staking platform will skyrocket.  

The project’s leader imparts that SquidVerse 3D is on a mission to disrupt the Binance Smart Chain sphere, stating: 

“SquidVerse3D has been proving that it is a legitimate project that seeks to change the entire Binance Smart Chain world. We have our company fully registered in Dubai as well as a key sponsor at the upcoming March 2022 Dubai Crypto Expo, where we will have a speaking engagement with attendees. With the first of six games on the way, this marks our entrance into the crypto gaming world, but we aren’t stopping there. We are introducing a metaverse concept that is being designed by our team, and soon we will be announcing our open-world metaverse. Other projects will be able to buy land within our metaverse and place their marketplaces.” 

SquidVerse 3D will be one of the Silver Sponsors for the 2022 Dubai Crypto Expo – one of the biggest events for investors and crypto industry leaders, presenting countless networking opportunities in the ever-expanding crypto space. The event will take place between the 16th and 17th of March 2022 in the Festival Arena, Dubai Festival City. The project’s leaders commented: 


“Being the Silver Sponsors at Crypto Expo Dubai allows investors and crypto leaders a chance to interact with other crypto gaming platforms. This should eliminate all doubts, as SquidVerse 3D is now officially registered as a Dubai-based company.” 

More information about Squidverse 3D is available on the project’s official website.

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