The Nihar Gala Scholarship: Helping Young Entrepreneurs Succeed through Education

In the world of business, formulating plans and making necessary preparations are the basic elements to success. The same is true with being an entrepreneur as one of the best ways to become a successful one is following a well-prepared plan. Becoming an entrepreneur is an exciting career path as one have the benefit of experiencing many industries as well as a unique sense of satisfaction that not many other jobs can give. Many young students are enticed by this promise, especially from the many success stories that come about from other entrepreneurs.

For young aspiring entrepreneurs, one of the best ways to prepare for their future as entrepreneurs is through education. Education allows aspiring entrepreneurs to attain the necessary knowledge and skillset needed to find success in the world of entrepreneurship. However, not all aspiring entrepreneurs have the capability to get the education needed to gain knowledge and experience. The sad reality in this is that not everyone has the financial capability to be able to attend a university.  Many universities that offer quality education are often the most costly, which is a financial impediment that not every student can overcome. Not all families have the financial stability to afford to send their child to college let alone get by daily life. Families that find themselves in this situation often have to make sacrifices and see attending school as a burden rather than a privilege. The financial cost needed to send children to college is one of the main forces that drive medical director Nihar Gala, as he deeply understands and sympathizes with families that are struggling financially to provide their children with quality education.

Nihar is a well-versed and renowned founder from Alpha Care Medical where he also serves as the CEO of several of its locations; namely, Millsboro, Harrington and Dover, Delaware. He has experience with providing health care for people of all ages. His journey to become a healthcare entrepreneur has given him the necessary insight to understand the important role that education plays not only in medicine but also in other professions. Having also ventured into the world of business and entrepreneurship which lead to the founding of the aforementioned company, he also understands the struggles that young entrepreneurs have to face.

Nihar’s scholarship program is a way for him to give back to the community by providing a cash prize to a lucky student. His scholarship for entrepreneurs is open to all students in either college or high school who wish to pursue a university but don’t have the necessary funds to be able to do so. Nihar hopes that through his scholarship he can give back to the community and improve it through his actions. For all the details about the scholarship and how one can apply, please visit the official Nihar Gala Scholarship website.

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