Australian retail tech start-up changing the Environment by improving the customer experience

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“We wake up grateful every day that we’re continuing to expand an innovative startup that supports other businesses, and our customer is an entrepreneur whose pain points and struggles we can relate to,” This is the motivation that keeps Hello Drinks founder JP Tucker going every day in his independent retail tech business, that he runs with his wife Steph, and more recently a co-founder who heads up their Marketing Tech arm.

The business is driven to bring retail products closer to customers in both the B2B & B2C channels, whilst cutting out a lot of the bottom line costs across 3PL Warehousing, Transportation, Purchasing of Stock whilst continuing to grow the top line for the business.

With the retail on-premise suffering badly during the past two years, it could be a further two years before confidence is back with the public to go back to shopping in store. Tucker believes at Hello Drinks, they will continue to see rapid growth in the e-commerce space, and on the back of their new retail-tech model it opens up a host of new opportunities for them in other channels which they are currently expanding into.

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What they are driving from the cloud is supported by their brand suppliers, who are backing this disruptive model to drive new channels, and deliver new revenue streams to their partners across the retail & wholesale landscape.

One of the biggest benefits that they have delivered to the industry is the ability to drive a cleaner business, reducing the need for over 100+ deliveries to their old warehouse, in addition to reducing the need for a forklift on site, which would generally need to be charged 40+ hours per week. If they can replicate this across multiple sites, or clouds as Tucker refers to them, then they can really begin to change the way online businesses are currently operating.

Whilst Direct to Consumer/Marketplace models seem to be the rage, in the longer term they are not good for the environment, as they are driving more courier transportation, increased collections, and along with an unnecessary rise in customer deliveries, where deliveries from single suppliers lead to a single delivery, this is where a customer may order 3-4 items from a Marketplace line Amazon, and receive on average 2-4 deliveries. 

Everyone can read more here about the company’s commitment to helping the environment.

Anyone can reach out to JP Tucker for consultancy discussions at [email protected]

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