Multi-Talented Artist and Creator, Alexis Ricordi Hits 126k Youtube Subscribers, Sets to Release New Album, “Honestly”

Multi-Talented Artist and Creator, Alexis Ricordi Hits 126k Youtube Subscribers, Sets to Release New Album, "Honestly"

With millions of views on his YouTube channel and a community of friends, collaborators, and ardent supporters, talented artist, and YouTuber, Alexis Ricordi is set to release his debut album, “Honestly.” This well-thought-out piece of art is set to hit platforms on May 13th and Alexis could not be more thrilled to make this announcement. 

This comes as a huge win for Alexis as music has been his passion all his life. However, life happened. Being able to now do what he is really passionate about is a step in the right direction. The album, “Honestly,” maybe a deep dive into relationships that have affected his life up until this point. According to Alexis, “My lyrics mostly have to do with my interpersonal relationships either with family, friends, or romantic partners.”

Growing up, Alexis recalls putting on so many shows/concerts for his family lip-syncing along with his Mom’s Duran Duran cassettes. Today, he and his team are geared up, working hard to bring his dream of becoming one of the top artists in the world to reality. 

His decision to release music that he has been secretly creating is directly related to his success as a YouTube content creator. Being a part of the right team, Prime Capitol, has also hugely contributed to his success. Alexis recalls that quitting his job where he was not being recognized in spite of the work he put in and moving in with a friend put him on a pedestal. This got him in the same space as Stromedy, a popular YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers where he got to learn from him and the other team members. Now he and a team of 5 create content for their various YouTube channels. 

While Alexis keeps putting in the work and growing, he has been recognized by YouTube. He recently received a Youtube Creator Award for surpassing 100k subscribers on the platform. As opposed to his job where he was not appreciated for all the efforts he put in, Alexis is particularly excited about this. 

Alexis creates fun, awkward moments and exciting experiences with his team and that constitutes most of his content on his channel. He has been able to build a community that appreciates his work and cheers him up. His upcoming album, “Honestly’ is a way of reciprocating the love they show him. 

Alexis’ music influence stems mostly from the music his parents listened to when he was a child; Spanish pop and Salsa. While he makes music in the RnB and Pop categories, he recognizes that listening to what his parents liked really helped him to develop his sound. He is also influenced by music legends such as Prince, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, and Soundgarden. “I like to inspire my music from my varied tastes,” said Alexis. 

“Making music, for me, has always been a cathartic experience. I often have overwhelming emotions which I find difficult to express in words, but being able to put it down as a song has always helped me to get out my feelings. I make music not only to speak about my experience but also to show people that it’s okay to feel things, you can’t always think about things objectively. Our individual experiences are so important, since they make up our lives, and I want to inspire people to get in touch with themselves, and live for themselves and not for others,” he added. 

Over time, the talented artist has worked with people like Kyle Godfrey (@stromedykyle), Austin Sprinz (@austin_sprinz), Jaiden Sprinz (@jaidensprinz), Andreas Eskander (@imwithandreas), Phantum (@1phantum). He also frequently collaborates with other members of the Prime Capitol team. 

As Alexis releases his album, he hopes that it reaches the right audience and he’s able to impact people with his music. He also looks forward to creating content and music with known names in the industry.

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