Spirits Hive Announces its Signature Program: Self-Healing Journey, Aimed at Empowering People to Become Self-Reliant and Independent

Self-Healing Journey program launched last year by Carolina Kapitany which has been changing lives is now available worldwide and aims to empower individuals to learn how to heal themselves instead of depending on others

Being reliant on loved ones for our happiness, success, or security can backfire when a crisis occurs. People who have become accustomed to depending on others for survival suddenly find themselves alone, useless, and disordered. As such, people are left at depressing levels of anger, trauma, and anxiety, requiring healing.

Spirits Hive believes the solution to such cases is self-healing and the organization is pleased to announce to wider audiences its successful Self-Healing Journey program.

The program is designed to change participants’ lives by empowering them to take care of themselves rather than depend on others. Speaking about the program, Spirits Hive CEO Carolina Kapitany had this to say, “I noted that humanity was becoming very disconnected, especially with the growth of big cities and the lack of community. Eventually, I understood it was coming from having a disconnection with our sources of energy: mother nature and spirit. The creation of this course was to align people with their souls, get them to connect again, and bring people out of the “zombie” state.”

The Spirits Hive Self-Healing program is a 10-module journey that teaches participants to align with their life purpose, overcome personal limitations, master manifesting their dreams, set themselves free from past triggers and limiting beliefs, deeply connect with their soul’s truth and integrate self-love in the right way.

“Most of my peers are highly inspirational, much more inspirational than me. But inspiration only takes you to a certain level, and it fades when there are no results. I know exactly how to curate experiences that lead people to stay motivated in following routines and doing the necessary work that will create the long-lasting transformation they are seeking, which is why the Self Healing Journey has had such a big life changing impact on our students.” added Carolina.

Spirits Hive focuses on helping people be the best versions of themselves by becoming confident that they can do whatever they set their hearts to do.

The program is for those who have a strong sense of responsibility for their transformations but currently lack clarity, have a fear of expression, have reduced self-esteem, are tired of their current situations and are unaware of how to set clear boundaries.

To enroll in the Self-Healing Journey program by Spirits Hive, log on to https://www.spiritshive.com/self-healing-journey

For further inquiries, send an email to [email protected].

About Carolina Kapitany 

Carolina Kapitany is the CEO of Spirits Hive. She was born and raised in Portugal but self-developed in London, where the healing arts were presented as her life purpose. Carolina is certified in Crystal Healing, Reiki, Psychic arts and has a deep training of the healing Vedic system from spending a year studying it from the best Vedic masters in India. Her spiritual knowledge and understanding are vast, having played an undercurrent importance since she was a child, and her entrepreneurial skills run back to her early 20s. 

Carolina has healed and guided over 1000 spirits towards their full potential, spirituality, and life purpose.

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